Eric Yanco
I've spent 30 years, on and off, in my family's businesses which have proudly served, and contributed greatly, to Massachusetts local communities for 40-50 years.  It has developed in me a strong sense of the wants, and needs, of both businesses owners, and customers, as well as, warm, friendly, relationships with many of the same.
In the mid-to-late 90's, I'd spent a few years hitchhiking around the country; and, several years later, began performing, almost every Sunday (and 3rd Thursday night), as part of a world class, stage magic, theater group, for the next 12 of it's, currently, 37 years. While it's a bit difficult to fully encapsulate into words my life experience up until now, it is much easier to understand it by my genuinely friendly, and positive, attitude towards people and life, in general.  Always willing to share an idea, offer a tip, or suggest a tweak, to help make life more enjoyable -- don't be afraid to ask. ;)
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