Want Solar Cells on Your Property? Solarize Mass can Help

To date, 21 city residents have enlisted in the program. If you're interested, the deadline to sign up is Sep. 30.

The City of Boston has a green agenda, and you can get in on it through Sept. 30 at little immediate cost.

Last week, Mayor Thomas Menino joined 20 other Boston property owners, who had enlisted in the Solarize Mass program, which allows Boston property owners to add solar cells to their roofs with little upfront cost.

The way the agreement works, a solar company leases your roof and installs solar cells on it. The company takes responsibility for maintaining the cells themselves and the performance of the whole system. In return, the property owner agrees to purchase — at a special, lower-rate — the power generated by their panels for the next 20 years.

According to a release, the system will save Menino and his wife an estimated $18 per month on their electric bill while also giving them the knowledge that turning on their lights will now generate less greenhouse gases.

“I encourage everyone to join the clean energy revolution in Boston,” Menino said in a release. “Solar power is now more affordable than ever in the City. It’s being installed on residences, businesses, and municipal buildings at an increasing rate.”

To date, no Charlestown property owners have decided to take part in the Solarize Mass program, but one in neighboring East Boston has, according to data supplied by the city Monday. So far, Jamaica Plain has been far more active in the program than any other Boston neighborhood.

For more information, go to SolarizeMass.com/Boston

Neighborhood solar breakdown:


Number of properties in program



Roxbury Crossing


Dorchester (east)


Dorchester Center


Dorchester (north)


East Boston


Jamaica Plain




West Roxbury


Hyde Park




Mouthy August 29, 2012 at 01:24 PM
Yes, notice how this works, see the distribution of neighborhoods involved, it's a PR campaign. Very carefully selected properties, great photo opps, properties that will show well as the poster pilot homes. WOW a savings of $18 a month. You can do that by more carefully conserving turning off more lights and appliances! This is crap. Menino a shill- ushering in big business, bad development and a partner in fleecing the public, while maintaining he's the people's Mayor, a friend to the neighborhoods. This is not grassroots, this nothing but creating a go-way for big business. The government needs to get behind low cost, 100% owner operated and owned renewable energy systems. The cost of the technology should come down and meet the demand. But of course this is threatening to the energy conglomerates and large corporations. Urban home owners should much more easily be able to get off the grid, be able to generate energy and sell back to the grid. Homes should be more easliy adapted to pedal power, wind and sun power! The owner should own their own equipment. The technology is there--it is government and regulations and the high cost due to interference that prevents the public from really being able to embrace and make use of renewables and new energy saving technology!
kevin Roche August 29, 2012 at 07:21 PM
To Mouthy, Your answers need validation in actual use. This program is about as far on"limb" as government can go. Maybe your support of these initiatives will bring some credibility to your ideas. Maybe it won't, but maybe newer, better technology will serve up some even better solutions. "it is better to light a candle...." A very patient Senior
Mouthie August 30, 2012 at 01:19 AM
Kevin, Keep being patient, it's a good trait. But while you wait for the world's energy reserves to run down, while the large corporations find ways to harness the sun and wind and regular folks get regulated out of making use of these renewable energies, I'd rather work with grass roots organizations to make it happen free of corporate AmeriKas' and governments grip. People Power not Corportate greed! Just because Mumbles, past his expiration date, Menino endorses this doesn't mean it's good. Old Tommy had made himself a great bedfellow of many big business interests. The city going green does so to the extent that it can partner with big business, e.g., do you really think we need tidy little bike kiosks and those high priced bikes and memberships to get the public more sensitised to the practicallity of bike riding? Why not issue rebates for those who purchase their own bikes, why not enforce that employers make bikes available or at least secure bike racks, or as in Holland structures within the municipal trains system that will safely house bikes by the hundreds enableling folks to seamlessly go from bike to train and at no cost to lock them up?!! That is real progress, that is real government support of the people and real "green" thinking and doing. Wake-up Government and Corporate AmeriKa want a piece of everything in your life. Wait long enough and be patient enough and by the time you die, you'll be pre-taxed.
Harry T. October 03, 2012 at 04:52 PM
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