Petition Could Nudge Hubway Outcome

Charlestown Neighborhood Councilor Tom Cunha says his position could be swayed if signatories represent the whole community.

With Nathan crossing the 200-signatory line, Charlestown Neighborhood Council Chairman Tom Cunha said the swell of support for Hubway could change his stance on the issue.

Cunha and vice chairman David Whelan both cast in a 2-2 deadlocked motion to approve a second Hubway location near the intersection of Chelsea Street and Harris Street. The first location, near the intersection of Main Street and Austin Street, had already been approved at an earlier meeting.

The pair expressed reservations about whether a second location near City Square would properly serve the community. But, Cunha said in a call to Charlestown Patch, “As long as the petition reflects addresses all over the community… I’d have to reconsider my position.”

Cunha added that he was already in the process of seeking a Hubway compromise.

“We’re currently trying to get a sit-down with the city,” Cunha said.

One possible compromise he’d be open to? Adding a third location within the neighborhood.

Nathan Blanchet August 01, 2012 at 02:28 PM
Excellent news! And Tom made it clear to me that he supports Hubway's expansion in general. We're still gathering signatures (244 at last count), so please continue to spread the word across the whole neighborhood. Thank you, Matt, for the continued reporting.
Nathan Blanchet August 01, 2012 at 07:13 PM
The petition just crossed the 300 signatures mark--in under 48 hours! I believe the proposed expansion is under active discussion, so I went ahead and sent the petition as it stood this afternoon to the addressees (CNC, Boston Bikes, and Hubway reps). I wrote that we are still collecting signatures though, and we would send another version when more Charlestown residents have had a chance to sign. Thanks everyone.
Erin McDonald August 01, 2012 at 08:43 PM
Nathan, thank you for leading this initiative. I really can't imagine what grounds anyone would have to object to a second Hubway location. As a former car owner, now converted to ZipCar and T travel, I would love to use the Hub bikes for shorter trips and leisure biking in our neighborhood. If the racks are on the sidewalk or even taking up a half a car's length or parking, why the uproar?


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