LIST: Property Seized from 87 Cambridge SWAT Raid

What does this list of evidence say to you?

We’ve detailed the Thursday raid on a suspected drug den and prostitution destination at 87 Cambridge Street, but the list of items seized and logged by police does an unusually good job of giving a picture of the home.

The list follows below. It has been edited for clarity and format.

  1. Black LG cell phone belonging to [redacted]—first floor bathroom
  2. Two spoons with residue—first floor bathroom
  3. Black digital scale—second floor bathroom
  4. Versace sunglass case with three syringes, bottle cap with heroin and two halves of Soboxone—bedroom #2
  5. $13 in the bathroom shower next to [redacted]
  6. One alprazolam pill—bedroom#2, with pill bottle belonging to [redacted]
  7. Three Gabapentin capsules—bedroom #2 (with pill bottle)
  8. Personal papers in the name of [redacted]—bedroom #3
  9. Torn plastic bag—first floor bathroom
  10. $491—bedroom #3 (in a top drawer)
  11. Drug ledger—kitchen, drawer
  12. Plastic bag of cocaine, approx 10 grams—kitchen drawer
  13. Green pajamas worn by [redacted] during deal to [redacted]—bedroom #3, top drawer
  14. Personal papers in the name of [redacted]—bedroom #2
  15. Plastic bags—bedroom #1
  16. Black iPhone—bedroom #1
  17. Black Boost Mobile cell phone—bedroom #1
  18. Torn plastic bags and box of plastic bags—bedroom #3
  19. Ledger—bedroom #3
  20. $1,700 cash—bedroom #2, dresser
  21. Personal papers in the name of [redacted]—first floor bedroom
  22. Plastic bags—bedroom #2, closet
  23. Black T-Mobile HTC cell phone—bedroom #2
  24. Black Verizon Motorala cell phone—bedroom #2
  25. Sex toys and condoms—bedroom #2
  26. Metro PCS cell phone—bedroom #2
  27. Vibrating strap-on set, condoms and lubricant—first floor bedroom
  28. Hotel cards, papers and receipts—bedroom #1
  29. Personal papers in the name of [redacted]—bedroom #2
  30. White iPhone—first floor bedroom
  31. $280 seized from [redacted]
  32. “Charlestown Madness” after-hours party flier—second-floor bathroom
  33. Radio Shack police scanner—first floor hallway
  34. $381 seized from [redacted]
  35. Large plastic bag of marijuana (approximately 1 lb.)—in drawer under stove of basement apartment
  36. Plastic bags and multiple torn plastic bags—bottom stove drawer in the basement apartment
  37. Personal papers and padded mail envelopes in the names of two individuals
glum May 30, 2012 at 02:20 PM
excellent, and I bet the girl paying her $200/month rent is still allowed to live there. Well, at least the neighbhors were looking out and got the police involved! Nice work!
Joseph May 30, 2012 at 03:12 PM
What I find interesting is BPD provides this list, but never provides the names of those arrested for assault and battery, B&E, robbery or drug dealing when they are arrested in Charlestown? Or is this a case of editorial discretion?
Matt M. Casey May 30, 2012 at 06:42 PM
Boston police reports (including the one from which this list was taken) redact the names of all involved. The police log includes the names of those arrested, but not what they have been charged with. Sometimes we're able to correlate the two. Sometimes there's too much uncertainty for us to confidently draw a line between the charges and the names of the arrested.
TheMaskedTruthsayer May 31, 2012 at 03:14 PM
"Vibrating strap-on set"


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