Home Invasion on Mt. Vernon, Crowd Blocks Street Where Someone Shows a Handgun

Incidents handled by the Boston Police.

Jan. 13: A Brighton Street resident reported that sometime between 6 a.m. and 7 a.m. someone entered his home by forcing open the door leading to his back deck. Jewelry and electronics were taken. 

Jan. 13: Boston Police conducted a drug investigation around Starr King Court; they arrest four folks for possession of Class B drugs (cocaine, crack, meth) which they were looking to sell. 

Jan 14: The Boston Police drug squad was in the area of McNulty Court where two more folks were arrested for trying to sell Class B drugs. 

Jan. 17: Some friend: a person reported to police that a male "friend" she knew from Boston took her to the Bunker Hill Housing Development where he proceeded to take her cell phone and debt card. Unfortunately for the investigation, she and her friend had been drinking a lot before coming to Charlestown and due to her "impaired" condition, could only provide sketchy information on where and when the unarmed robbery took place. 

Jan 17: Boston Police arrived at Main and Eden streets where a man said he was a passenger in a cab when several people suddenly blocked the street. When the cab driver began using his horn to clear his way, one person in the crowd pointed a black handgun at the taxi. Soon officers stopped two people matching the description provided; they didn't find a handgun. In addition, the cab driver can't be located to help the investigation.

Jan 18: A Mt. Vernon resident was hanging out in his house when suddenly a woman – later reported to be in her pajamas – began banging on his front door. When the resident opened the door a crack to see what was up, the woman weaseled her way inside. But she had company: two men, one who was wielding a knife. Sensing that they were up to no good, a struggle ensured and the victim was cut twice on the forearm and once on his hand. With the help of a roommate, the resident was about to force the home invaders back into the hallway. The resident was treated at the scene and then taken the Mass General. Detectives are investigating.


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