Boston Police Getting iPads, iPhones

The Boston Police Foundation donated $83,000 to purchase technology to help police officers in the field.

Boston Police are getting more iPhones and iPads for personnel to use in the field to track stolen devices, real-time translation services and other common field operations.

The Boston Police Foundation donated $83,619 to the city for the purchase of "additional iPads and iPhones."

"The devices will be deployed to officers and will allow for the performance of warrant checks while in the field. Additionally, officers will have the ability to do relevant Internet searches and utilize applications for real-time translation, mapping and tracking stolen devices, among other tasks," Boston Mayor Thomas Menino said in a statement about the donation.

The Boston Police Foundation is a nonprofit organization formed in 1993 "with the specific mission of advancing public safety by supporting and funding programs that strengthen the performance, competence and professionalism of the Boston Police Department."


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