Veterans Park Update to Include Recent Wars

Park originally installed in 1987.

There are plans in the works to refurbish and rededicate the Charlestown Veteran's Park in City Square to all citizens of Charlestown who served in the military. 

The Park was originally dedicated in 1987 by the late Jim Conway to memorialize veterans of the Korean and Vientnam conflicts. New efforts are underway to include all veterans of all wars, from the American Revolution to current conflicts taking place around the globe today.

The major feature of the Park will be a bronze fountain sitting on a polished black granite square that will include a pile of military boots that represent those worn by veterans, from buckled styled dating back to the 18th century to camouflage footwear being worn today. 

Surrounding the fountain will be 400 bricks to be inscribed with the names and service branch of veterans. There will be five brick arches in the background with granite walls inserted and inscribed. A bronze version of the American National Symbol, he bald eagle, will sit above the central arch.

The park will be enclosed by a metal fence and entered through a central gate.

On either side of the gate will be a dedicated bench. The bench on the left will be dedicated to James Conway, community activist and veterans' advocate.

The bench of the right will be dedicated to Gloria Conway, editor of the Charlestown Pariot and veterans' advocate. These benches are located on the street side of the fence to represent the community roots of their activism.

The governing board of the Park includes Life Focus Center, the James W. Conway Bunker Hill Post #26 American Legion and the Abraham Lincoln Post #11 Memorial Hall. Renowned artist David Philips, whose work can be seen in City Square Park, has designed the Park and well known Charlestown architect, Jack French of Neshamkin French Architects, Inc., is putting his unique style to the recreation process. 

The Park will continue to be mantained by the consumers of Life Focus Center who have been doing so since 1988.

The overall cost of the project is expected to be $250,000. Although the Edward E. Brown Fund, corporations and foundations will be asked to pitch in, it is hoped that through private donations that this cost can be realized.  Charlestown Veterans, their families and friends who would like to have their name memorialized can do so by purchasing a brick, bench, flag pole and other items included in the design.

For more information, contact Carol Ann at Life Focus Center at 617-242-3423. All items will be sold at a first-come, first-serve basis.

The official Park Rededication will take place on Sunday, November 11, 2012.


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