Carnival Movement Becomes Node of Townie Pride

Charlestown Carnival Facebook page becomes collecting point for Charlestown memories and Charlestown pride.

Sean Boyle likes carnivals. And he —but his movement that began with a few friends has spawned a Facebook page that is becoming a collecting point for Charlestown pride in general.

Boyle’s Bring Back the Charlestown Carnival page has been vigorously active since its founding in April, but it has changed character in recent months. Posts that were almost exclusively related to carnival events, carnival fundraisers and carnival locations have given ground to photos that demonstrate the best visuals of the neighborhood and deep Townie references.

“I guess there’s only so much you can post about carnival stuff,” Boyle told Charlestown Patch. “We mix it up. We throw in Carnival stuff in there every other post.”

The page includes posts that reference half ball at the old Charlestown High School, “the only ‘beach’ left in Charlestown,” drinking Teenies and eating Hoodsies.

Boyle added that the carnival mission, which is still under way and aiming for 2013, is not the only thing that his group is about.

“The Townie Association, we want to bring back the carnival, but we also want to preserve other traditions that are gone,” Boyle said. “We just want to get everyone hyped up about Charlestown again.”

To find out more, go to Facebook.com/CharlestownCarnival


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