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Charlestown's Cookie Giordano sounds off on issues that affect the neighborhood and the country.

Real shame that the city couldn’t find the time to let the people of Charlestown know that there were two fire department dedication ceremonies this past week in town: a in the Navy Yard and a plaque was unveiled at to the first Boston Firefighter to die in World Ware II, Joseph J. Luna.  

Even the Legion posts and former fire fighters had no clue and deeply regretted being snubbed. I heard from a very reliable source that the fault lies with the spokesperson for the fire department. Not a surprise!  

Happy to hear that is selling so well. If you haven’t picked it up yet, get out and find one!

60 minutes just won’t be the same without Andy Rooney.

Why does the city clean my street on Tuesday and pick up the trash on Wednesday? Think about that one!

The best show on TV is CBS’ “Blue Bloods.” Catch it this Friday night and 10 and you’ll see what I mean.

Getting a cup of Irish Breakfast Tea at is just like being back in Ireland.

Townie author, Terry Phelps, is getting rave reviews on his soon to be released book, .” If you grew up in Charlestown, especially around that area, it’s a must read. He’s a great story teller.

When will we hear more on the city’s plans for ?

If you haven’t got a solution, stop complaining.

Boy, I wasn’t surprised that the press corps caught up with our nation’s First Lady shopping at a Washington, D.C. Target store -- admitted by her to be her favorite store. I actually thought she got most of her wardrobe at Walmart! Would someone give her a fashion aide, please?

Ahh! The trees along Main Street are finally showing some real sign of growth. Won’t it be beautiful to experience trees shading the sidewalks after all the years we put up with doing it?

Watch this week’s program and meet the new co-hosts that will be bringing you “everything that’s good about Charlestown” each week. In the tradition laid down by Peter Looney, the new hosts (takes four of us to fill Peter’s shoes) will bring you their own view on the neighborhood from their personal experiences and town involvement. Danny Ryan, Al Carrier and Diane Grant will be joining me, each taking a turn, once a month, talking about sports, business, and the people, organizations and happenings within the town. Tune in on Thursday, Oct. 6 at 6:30 pm on BNN-TV channel 9 or RCN channel 15. 

Our elected officials have the greatest local liaisons than any other district in the state. Each one was raised within our town and show all the attributes that make Charlestown the “town we love so well!”  


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