New Group Pushes Community to 'Vote Charlestown'

A Facebook group urging residents in Charlestown to get out the vote is building support on the social network.

A new community group has popped up on Facebook: Vote Charlestown.

Their goal seems to be straightforward: Get more people in the neighborhood to the polls in upcoming city, state and national elections. They've cited that the turnout in the last local election was 1,607 out of the 10,747 registered voters in Charlestown. 

Organizers behind the group want to demonstrate that the Charlestown vote is strong and that people in the community are plugged into local issues, and want to hold their elected officials accountable. 

Here are the details from the "info" link on the Vote Charlestown Facebook page:


For years, smart and dedicated townies have had the idea to start a Charlestown Non-Partisan Political Group. They have said that we have numbers to elect candidates and be influential. We just needed to organize and get everyone out. Now, with budget cuts and programs at stake, this truth is as important as ever. Since the last election, when fighting for the library, transportation projects, schools and city services, there is always the reminder that Charlestown often has the reputation of being divided, and not being able to get people out. Everyone likes to acknowledge that we have low voter turnout and no elected officials who reside here. The implication is that most of us are less invested or connected. But, we know Charlestown cares deeply about our neighborhood, our children, our friends, our services...more than any place that we have ever been. Now more than ever (with more cuts on the horizon), our success is in our collective ability to stand together every chance we have to remind Boston that Charlestown cares about education, about libraries, about parks, about community centers, about redevelopment, about transportation...and that we will come out to VOTE!. Our turnout sends the message that we are watching decisions and we count. Maybe candidates will serve us the same whether we turnout or not. But, in likely chance that elected officials remember those who come out, then Charlestown would be well served if every organization, every street, every neighbor...voted in these tough times. It is time to double our turnout. It is time to bring it home. Just VOTE! Charlestown COUNTS! We cannot do it without you.
just thinking October 11, 2011 at 08:15 PM
just vote for anybody but obama
Vote Charlestown October 11, 2011 at 08:22 PM
Where also on Twitter @vote02129 some interesting facts are posted along with chances to win Free coffee also working on some Great T-shirts ....This only helps You and if you have kids Do it for them....Charlestown IS GREAT but we need to show them we are here and we are one....its pretty simple JUST VOTE ...And we don't care who you VOTE for JUST VOTE !!!!


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