Plank Brings Sass to the Mat

Plank Designs is producing luxury accessories for yoga and beyond on Terminal Street.

Attention Yogis: The view during your downward dog just got a lot more interesting, thanks to cheeky Charlestown business, Plank.

You may not think the words "designer" and "yoga" belong in the same sentence, but leave all stereotypes about granola and tree-hugging at the door. Plank's originality breathes a refreshing understated chic and irony to the world of yoga and beyond. The designer yoga and lifestyle company creates luxe yoga mats and accessories.

A Maven’s Mantra

Former shoe designer Doreen Hing founded Plank in 2004 with the vision to combine great design with health and fitness. Hing refers to herself as “yoga's anti-yogi” -- a devotee in her belief of the practice, yet entirely "non-yoga like" in her personality, demeanor and vibe for her company.

Hing’s view: It’s okay to embellish, camp it up and bring humor into the sometimes-intimidating yoga studio.  


Plank mats feature stunning art images on performance enhancing and eco-friendly materials. These gorgeous art-on-yoga mats titled Cobra, Pills, Shag and Plank will certainly give your fellow yogis a chuckle. Don’t be fooled. There’s a method to Hing’s madness. Here, the guru’s glossary:

Cobra Mat: References the heart opening benefits of the Cobra Pose. This is a friendly snake in the grass. 

Pills Mat: A cocktail of over-the-counter and prescription meds that can be thrown away, as the healing benefits of a regular practice become apparent, if lucky. If not, in the meantime, you can medicate and meditate. 

Plank Mat: The cardio and physical benefits of a regular yoga practice, allows you to have your cake and eat it, too. The gnarly old wooden plank plays homage to the Plank Pose. 

Shag Mat: In the deep pile of a Shag Carpet, the hands of Downward Dog are embedded or perhaps a naughtier kind of activity.
Getting Creative in Charlestown

With offices located in the industrial Terminal street area, the Plank team thrives in Charlestown. “The urban vibe, the water, the warehouse/lofty energy is so conducive to creative work and we have the space to grow the company in Charlestown far easier financially speaking than other Boston regions,” says Plank COO Lisa Pool.

All hand selected photo work happens here in Charlestown, as well as mat finishing and packaging for all of Plank’s products.   

What’s next? The Plank team says there is much more to come in 2011. Do stay tuned!

Find the mats online at Plankdesigns.com and select locations – including Grand, in nearby Somerville.   

Find Plank on Facebook and Twitter.   

For tips on kicking off your high-heels and fitting yoga into your life, check out Hing’s blog, The Well Heeled Guru.


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