Spaulding Rehab Network Testing Advanced Prosthetics in New Study

The Charlestown-based hospital is looking at utilizing a newly-powered bionic limb for amputees.

Spaulding Rehabilitation Network. Credit: File photo
Spaulding Rehabilitation Network. Credit: File photo

Experts at the Spaulding Rehabilitation Network in Charlestown are looking to test out a new prosthetic limb technology in a study to see how amputees in various circumstances would benefit from the devices.

The battery-powered prosthetics to be used were developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Media Lab, and Bedford-based BiOM is looking to utilize the technology, according to NECN.

Spaulding has served as a hub for treating many amputee victims from last year's Boston Marathon bombings, with several of the victims having credited the hospital with recovery efforts. One such victim is Adrianne Haslet-Davis, a dancer who lost her left leg in the bombings and who recently received recognition for utilizing the advanced prosthetic.

The medical director of Spaulding's Amputee Program and Musculoskeletal program is looking to have a group of up to 12 patients explain how a BiOM device could help amputee patients from various medical backgrounds, according to the NECN.

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