Good Shepherd School Goes Apple

Good Shepherd School Goes Apple 

Boston, June 2013.  Good Shepherd School, a Charlestown-based, Catholic preschool, which serves children between the ages of 2.9 and 5, recently introduced a suite of Apple computers including iPads, into their classrooms.


Computers in the classroom are a new addition to Good Shepherd School’s curriculum and the Director, faculty, and families are excited about the opportunity for children to use the computers for enhanced learning.


In addition to the quality of the computers, the decision to use Apple products was based on the support they offer in terms of set up and maintenance. Apple came on-site at Good Shepherd and provided extensive assistance in assuring the systems were up and running and helped train the staff in their use.


This major technology enhancement is the result of a donation to the school’s annual fundraising efforts by an important benefactor. Since tuition alone does not cover the costs of running the school, donations such as this are critical for it to continue to grow and prosper.


“We are very grateful to this benefactor for donating the computers and we’re pleased to promote learning through technology as part of our curriculum,” says Jon-Luc Dupuy, newly elected Chairman of the Good Shepherd School Board of Directors.


“We’re thrilled to have computers in our classrooms. Teachers integrate them into their daily lesson plans and allow the children opportunities to use specific applications. They are also used to explain weekly themes, such animals or holidays. Using the web to access pictures and short clips or videos is really engaging,” commented Nicolette Clifford, the school’s Director.


The computers are also used to enhance Handwriting Without Tears and Terc Math Investigations, key programs in Good Shepherd’s curriculum.


“We realize that many children are familiar with computers and tablet devices, so in most cases, we’re not introducing something new. However, we’re showing children how to use technology to learn,” continues Nicolette.


“We were pleased when Good Shepherd received the computers and IPads for the classrooms. Our daughter’s teachers are showing her fun applications that are strengthening her counting skills and helping her practice her letters. She loves it.” says Jennifer Ronan, mother to Eliza, who will be starting her third year at Good Shepherd this fall.


Good Shepherd School is differentiated from other schools by its faith-based program, high teacher to student ratio, and focused curriculum, among other attributes. “We serve a diverse demographic of families that are looking to expose their children to the values promoted in a Catholic-based program, in an intimate setting with a strong curriculum,” concludes Clifford.  


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