Got A Lucky Charm For The Patriots? Share Your Sports Superstitions

The team has been to the Super Bowl five previous times. What traditions do you and your friends have to ensure a Pats victory?

Have you been wearing the same jersey every game day all season?  Do you have a rabbits foot that you've colored red, white, and blue?  

This year Tom Brady's wife, Gisele Bundchen, is asking her friends and family to pray for a Patriot's victory and to "envision him [Brady] happy and fulfilled experiencing with his team a victory this Sunday," according to the Boston Globe

Whether it's through prayer, an athlete wearing the same socks for every game, or a construction worker burying a Boston Red Sox jersey underneath the new Yankee stadium, sports enthusiasts often go the extra mile to keep providence on their side, even when it may not make sense to outsiders.  

Charlestown, how do you keep bad luck at bay?  Will you be choosing what you wear and what you do this weekend with an eye towards the universe, or is all this superstition unnecessary with a team as freakin' amazing as our own New England Patriots?  Leave a comment and keep us in the loop.  


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