CMA Wins First Full-Court Game for Youth Basketball

CHAD team leading minor league in wins.

We had our first full court game of the season, CMA vs Haven, and what a game this turned out to be. This game went into two overtimes! The full-court game gave both teams many opportunities for fast breaks, steals, and intercepted passes all due to the scale of full court vs. half court games that have been played throughout the season.

With lots of break-away opportunities, both teams had successful attempts at 3-pointers. CMA had strong ball handling and scoring from Raymond Baez and Melvin Jones (11), with both managing to make 3-point baskets, with Melvin's 3 pointer pulling CMA ahead toward the end of the game. Alexis Pagan had numerous breakaway attempts with successful layups. Oscar Eldh, Melvin Jones (9) and John Gaudian were each able to score, largely through successful rebounding. Mark Mayo, Mark Burhoe and Meghan Kinney did a great job providing strong defense and a good screen on offense. Mark Burhoe rebounded the ball making a pass to Jones (11) that led to his 3-pointer, bringing CMA ahead after lagging for the first half and most of the second half of the game.
Haven was a force to be reckoned with -- Ty Gonzales led the scoring with 10 points. He had numerous layups, even successfully rebounding his own foul shot. Aidan Shea and Luke von Hunnius each had great, successful shots from right under the basket in the first half. Jackie Gentis managed to score on an unbelievable shot amidst a swarm of defense. Rashawn was a major ball handler, pulling off two strong baskets. Noah Shiner had a great basket early in the game and a successful foul shot in overtime. Kimerah Pallas scored in the first overtime, tying up the score during the first overtime, which led to a second overtime!

However, CMA pulled ahead with the final foul shot of the night, pulling ahead with a final score of 24-23.

It was a very exciting game for both teams as well as the adult team waiting to get on court. They ended up cheering these two teams on through the overtimes.

Feb. 14

  • Charlestown Against Drugs vs Johnnies: Final Score  24-10 (CHAD Winner)
  • The Revs vs Olivia Browning: Final Score 16-3 (The Revs Winner)
  • Citizen's Bank vs Sal LaMattina: Final Score  25-13 (Citizen's Winner)
  • Haven by Lindsay Hill Design vs CMA: Final Score 32-17 (Haven Winner)

Feb. 9

  • CHAD vs Jenny's Pizza: Final Score 16-3 (CHAD Winner)
  • The Revs vs Johnnies: Final Score 20-8 (The Revs Winner)
  • CMA vs Haven: Final Score 24-23 (CMA Winner)

Feb. 7

  • CHAD vs Olivia Browning: Final Score 9-7 (CHAD Winner)
  • Jenny's vs Johnnies: Final Score 10-4 (Jenny's Winner)
  • Citizen's vs CMA: Final Score 27-26 (Citizen's Winner)
  • Haven vs Sal: Final Score 24-11 (Haven Winner)

Jan. 31

  • Jenny's vs The Revs: Final Score 4-4
  • CHAD vs Olivia Browning: Final Score 10-0 (CHAD Winner)
  • Citizen's vs Sal: Final Score 14-12 (Citizen's Winner)
  • Haven vs CMA: Final Score 14-11 (Haven Winner)

Overall Team Stats (Games from Jan 31 through Feb 14th)

    Minor League        Wins-Losses-Ties

        CHAD                   4-0-0

        The Revs               2-0-1

        Jenny's Pizza        1-1-1

        Olivia Browning      0-3-0

        Johnnies               0-3-0

Major League

       Haven by Lindsay Hill Design          3-1-0

       Citizen's Bank                               3-0-0

       CMA                                             1-3-0

       Sal LaMattina                                0-3-0 


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