Have You Reviewed Danger Scenarios with Your Kids?

A week after the Newtown, CT massacre, schools have reviewed their safety procedures. Now, should parents follow up with more coaching?

A week after the deadly elementary school attack in Newtown, CT that has rocked the the nation, some parents say their kids remain oblivious to the attack—and the danger. 

Most teens and children are wrapped up in their own worlds. One mom of a middle-schooler told me instead of being worried about how the Newtown deaths would affect her daughter, she is more concerned the girl is not aware enough of what took place.

And there is only so much the schools can do.

So this mom will spin out a scenario of danger and ask the daughter to think through how she might best respond. 

If you are a parent, are you doing the same kind of 'coaching' with your kids? Should parents be following up and expanding on the schools' safety procedures and lockdown drills? Or could that only cause more confusion for a kid about what to do in danger? Tell us in the comments section below.


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