FIve Bunker Hill Students Published in 'The Nation'

The poems appear in an article written by BHCC writing professor Wick Sloane.

The following was submitted by Bunker Hill Community College. It has not been edited.

The current issue of The Nation magazine has published the poetry of five students who were enrolled in a College Writing I class at Bunker Hill Community College (BHCC). The Nation is the oldest continuously published weekly magazine in the country, and is widely recognized in literary circles for its poetry.

The students are: Neehmias Afonso; Felipe De Moraes; Arlyn Gonzales; Chantal Midgette; and Joe Saia.

Wick Sloane, the students’ writing professor, wrote the article in which the poems appear. Sloane said that in his writing classes he stimulates the students by asking them to write their own version of Walt Whitman’s famous poem “I Hear America Singing.” 

The poems touch on themes that are both personal and political, such as a widow who lost her husband to a war, a mother’s night prayer for her son to make it home safe, an America where the sounds of shootings resonate in the streets. Another poet ends on a note of hope, writing that hard-working students are “the future of the next generation.”

“We were moved by the vision, passion and brilliance of these student poets, by their disappointment in as well as their hope for America,” said Roane Carey, managing editor of The Nation.” “We must give such students, and the community colleges that nurture them, the opportunity to build a better future for themselves.”

See article at: http://www.thenation.com/article/169763/poetry-americas-best-and-brightest

Just Say No to the Fleecing of AmeriKa September 14, 2012 at 12:30 PM
“We must give such students, and the community colleges that nurture them, the opportunity to build a better future for themselves.” There won't be too much future for students to have access to the quality education at Bunker Hill Community College or the other nearly 3,000 Community Colleges throughout the country under a Mitt Romney Presidency. His committment to higher education while he was Governor was appalling--level funding his whole term. He talks education, he claims Mass schools improved under his tenure, but there is no substance to this. A poor and uneducated public benefits those at the top. And those at the top are largely beneficiaries of private and Ivy league educations that they dearly value and heavily endow. Public education, affordable and accessible is a threat to this system of exclusivity and privilege. Mitt Romney will build a future for corporate AmeriKa and the top 1%, the elites with whom he has rubbed elbows his entire life. Education is power, that is why the condition of publically funded education in the US suffers and is so unevenly supported. Keep education accessible and affordable, your vote for education is a vote for the future, for America. Don't vote MITT!


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