Charlestown Students to Receive Chromebook Laptops After Youth Vote

City youths determined how to spend $1 million of the city's capital budget.

Students of Charlestown High School are set to receive Google Chromebook laptops thanks to after youths voted in favor of the move as part of a "Youth Lead the Change" budget initiative. 

As part of the effort, youths from around the city were instructed by Boston Mayor Martin Walsh's Youth Council how to create guidelines from the voting process and to develop a ballot, which included 14 different projects. 

Polls were subsequently set up at local train stations, youth centers and school buildings and youths determined how to spend $1 million of the city's capital budget. More than 1,500 eligible votes were cast by Boston residents aged 12 to 25 years, according to city officials. 

"I was extremely impressed by the projects that made it onto the ballot," Walsh said in a statement. "The winning projects will make positive and meaningful change in the lives of Boston residents throughout the City. The City budget is not taken lightly, and these young people were dedicated and passionate, becoming a driving force in the way our community process is run. This is only the beginning, and I look forward to seeing all of the great things our young Boston leaders have lined up for the future."

Voters selected up to four projects on the ballots, which were divided into the categories of streets and safety, parks/environment/health, community and culture and education. 

Students at Charlestown High School, East Boston high School and Excel High School will receive about 30 Chromebook laptops as part of the effort.

The Chromebooks are meant to enhance student performance by providing them with the most updated technology and allowing them to easily acquire information for academic assignments, according to officials. 

For more information, visit facebook.com/youthleadthechange.


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