UPDATED: With No Power, Preschoolers Home for Day 4; 234 Still Without Electricity

NSTAR at 1:30 a.m. Thursday, said 461 customers were without power; and told Framingham's Town manager everyone should have power restored by the end of the day.

UPDATED 5:15 p.m.

Framingham Centre Nursery School has power and will re-open Friday.


At noon, NSTAR reporting 234 customers in Framingham without power or less than 1%.


At 8 a.m., NSTAR had the numbers of customers without power down to 403.


NSTAR restored power to more than 1,000 customers on Wednesday, but as of 1:30 a.m. Thursday, 461 customers were still without power or 2% of the community.

The 2% without power is down from a high of 22% at 11 p.m. on Monday. NSTAR reports it has 29,674 customers in the Town of Framingham.

Two of those 2% are First Parish in Framingham Unitarian Universalist Church and Framingham Centre Nursery School.

During the height of the storm, a very large tree branch fell on the parish  kitchen.

Since then the Meeting House, the Parish House and Framingham Centre Nursery School have been without power.

Tree removal and repairs have begun, but NSTAR had yet to be out to the church/nursery school, located on the edge of Framingham centre Common.

School was cancelled for the fourth day for little ones today, Nov. 1. The Halloween celebration was also cancelled.

"NSTAR said they would be by tomorrow (Thursday) - crossing my fingers that this will fix our problem!," wrote the nursery school on their Facebook page.

NSTAR told Framingham Town Manager Bob Halpin that everyone in Framingham should have power restored by the end of the day today, Nov. 1.

The good news for commuters this morning is the signal at the intersection of Route 30 and Speen Street was working as of Wednesday night.

Another priority for the town was the dangerous situation at Potter Road and Eaton.

Halpin went out to survey NSTAR crews in Framingham Wednesday afternoon. He was happy to report that Potter Road and Eaton neighborhood, 104 customers, would have power before it was time to trick or treat.

Halpin said NSTAR told him they have 12 crews working in Framingham Wednesday.

Lake and Cove Avenue had power returned Wednesday afternoon, after more than 48 hours without power.

Melisa Hughes told Patch Mayo Street had power restored around dinner time, after having been without since 3:30 p.m. Monday.

But as of midnight Thursday, residents on Buckminster Street, a portion of Grove street and McAdams Road told Framingham Patch they were still in the dark.

For a few residents in the Oaks Neighborhood - they were living a nightmare on Halloween.

Throughout Wednesday some residents complained to Framingham Patch that they lost power for the first time on Wednesday and didn't understand why they were losing power now, and not during the storm. Other residents questioned why NSTAR's numbers on those without power kept increasing and decreasing.

The best way to explain both is what I call the Christmas lights analogy. To fix a light that goes out on a string of Christmas lights, you need to unplug the entire string of lights to fix the one that goes out.

On Wednesday, some residents had already reached 48 hours without power and their frustration was growing with each hour without power.

"Still dark with tons of wires down and no visit from NSTAR," wrote Dunne on Framingham Patch's Facebook.


If you see a downed tree, in a non-life threatening situation, the town is asking resients to call the Framingham Highway/Operations Center at 508-532-6030.

If a tree falls and there is a life threatening situation, ie injuries or a downed wire, please call 9-1-1.

If you are without power, NSTAR is asking that you report it to them directly at 800-592-2000.

JoEllen Jones November 01, 2012 at 01:08 PM
We live on Summit St. near downtown and we are still without power. We lost it at 1 pm on Monday when part of a huge tree came down and snapped the pole and took the wires down with it. NStar was there right away, the tree guys were there right away, but because the pole is from Verizon, NStar couldn't help us. It's been 4 days without power and this is getting very old, very fast!!
Susan Petroni November 01, 2012 at 01:16 PM
JoEllen: So Verizon has not been back to fix the pole? I would call the Framingham Town Manager's office to let them know; as once Verizon fixes the poll, NSTAR will stil have to come back and connect your wires. Sorry you have been waiting this long - are you the only house on Summit without power??
JoEllen Jones November 01, 2012 at 05:06 PM
NStar has been there the whole time, just waiting for Verizon. The whole street was out, but NStar has been putting people on house by house. Verizon is doing the pole now, so hopefully NStar will be able to do their thing as soon as they are done.


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