West Roxbury Election Results 2012

Check back throughout the day for election coverage, photos, and local election results from the West Roxbury.

Welcome to your source for local election results for West Roxbury residents. 

UPDATE: The city released unofficial results on Wednesday. West Roxbury consists of precincts 3, 5-8, 10-20 in Ward 20.

As expected, President Obama earned more votes than Governor Romney - 10,464 to 6,174 in West Roxbury. 

Unexpectedly Republican US Sen. Scott Brown lost West Roxbury to Elizabeth Warren. Brown totaled 7,627 votes to Warren's 9,233. 

Brown only one two precincts in West Roxbury - 14 and 16. 

US Congressman Stephen Lynch, D-8th, easily beast Republican candidate Joe Selvaggi in West Roxbury: 12,037 to 2,410.

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Looking to vote on Tuesday? See our Election Preview guide for information on where to vote, contested races, a sample ballot, information on ballot questions and more useful information. 

In the coming hours, we'll have local West Roxbury results on local races, state races and national races. Stay with us on Facebook and Twitter for up-to-the-minute updates.

Update from the polls:

District 6 City Councilor Matt O'Malley tweeted around 9 a.m. "After waiting in line for more than an hour, I was voter #461 at 10-9. I have never seen turnout like this in my home precinct! #bospoli"

A poll worker at Holy Name School said the gym (where four precincts vote) was packed at 6:30 a.m., 30 minutes before voting opened.

I just got back from Republican US Sen. Scott Brown's visit to the Holy Name Rotary this morning around 10:45 a.m. Brown supporters chanted "Go Scott! Go!" while Elizabeth Warren supporters chanted "Down with Brown!" 

Brown and his wife Gail Huff were giving out items from a Quincy bake sale they had just came from. Brown gave me (Editor David Ertischek) two chocolate chip cookies. They looked good, but I gave them away so I would not appear biased. 

Article and LOTS OF PHOTOS of Republican US Sen. Scott Brown's visit to West Roxbury this morning.

Matt O'Malley tweeted at 1:40 p.m. "Boston turnout was 26.65% as of noon. All wards are above 22% with JP & West Roxbury leading the way. Very proud of my district! #bospoli" West Roxbury representing at the polls as always!

More photos and an article about Election Day in West Roxbury

Speaking to an O'Malley legislative aide at 4 p.m., said the office has gotten several calls from people wanting to know where to vote in West Roxbury. He told them where to vote.

As of 3 p.m., 148,133 ballots cast in Boston, or 38.26% of registered voters, according to City officials.

A UniversalHub user Anonymous posted about one person in particular at the Patrick Lyndon School polling location "a man wearing a placard on his chest about mesothelioma lawsuit and victims. He is also wearing a single-feather headdress."

Gretchen Carney tweeted: "Happy to say there was a long line at Holy Name early. Kids disappointed that we couldn't wait - will have to go after school." Hope you got to vote Gretchen!

Newton Patch editor Melanie Graham voted in West Roxbury and tweeted at West Roxbury Patch: "At Holy Name Parish...Some of the nicest poll workers I've met all day!#westroxbury @WestRoxPatch

Elaine H. tweeted at 5:15 p.m. about an awesome mother and daughter bonding experience: "@WestRoxPatch just waiting for my daughter to get home so we can get to library on Centre St to vote. It's her first time:)"


With all 15 precincts reporting in the 10th Suffolk District, state Rep. Ed Coppinger, D-West Roxbury, earned 12,126 votes against 183 write-ins. In total 16,049 votes were cast out of a registered 20,738 or 77% of the 10th Suffolk District.


     Race       Democratic Candidate

West Roxbury


Republican Candidate

West Roxbury


Independent Candidates

West Roxbury


U.S. President


10,464 Romney-Ryan 6,174



104 & 154 U.S. Senate

Elizabeth Warren

9,233 Scott Brown 7,627 - U.S. Congress District 8

Stephen Lynch

12,037 Joseph Selvaggi 2,410 -

Governor's Council

District 2

Robert Jubinville 22,037 (Boston total) Early Sholley 5,380 (Boston total)

Ballot Questions:

Ballot Questions Percent Yes (Boston total) Percent No (Boston total) Question 1: Right to Repair 174,969 votes for  84% 29,804 for 14.5% Question 2: Assisted Suicide 112,709 votes for 51% 107,647 for 48% Question 3: Medical Marijuana 162,726 votes for 69% 72,379 for 30%

Uncontested Races:

Unofficial winners:

Councillor: (2nd District) - Robert Jubinville, Democrat; Earl Sholley, Republican.
Senator in General Court: (Norfolk-Suffolk District) - Michael Rush, Democrat
Representative in General Court: - (10th Suffolk District) - Ed Coppinger, Democrat
Clerk of Supreme Judicial Court: (Suffolk County) - Maura Doyle, Democrat 
Clerk of Superior Court, Civil: (Suffolk County) - Michael Donovan, Democrat
Clerk of Superior Court, Criminal: (Suffolk County) - Maura Hennigan, Democrat
Register of Deeds: (Suffolk County) - Mickey Roache, Democrat 
Register of Probate: (Suffolk County) - Patricia Campatelli, Democrat 

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