Traffic Light by Speedy Chen's: An Explanation

Charlestown Patch gets a response on why the traffic light works the way it does.

A couple weeks ago, we asked you on Main Street. Most of those who commented disliked the light and didn't understand it's purpose.

Well, it took us a bit of time, but we got something of an explanation from the city on how the light works. (Thanks to Neighborhood Liaison Danielle Valle-Fitzgerald for making the connection for us.)

The following was taken from an email from John DeBenedictis, P.E., Director of Engineering for the Boston Transportation Department.:

The intersection has loop detectors/sensors on the side streets which are working properly and provide adequate green time for vehicles to turn onto Main Street. Both Sullivan St and Dunstable Street were designed to have separate phases of green time to avoid any conflicts between traffic coming out of the side streets.

There are existing pedestrian buttons and pedestrian signal heads to cross Main St under an exclusive pedestrian phase. Pedestrian buttons and pedestrian signal heads were not added to cross the side streets due to the low traffic volumes on the side streets. It is unlikely that pedestrians would actually press the button and wait for the Walk phase with such low traffic volumes on these approaches.

What do you think? Does that help you understand why the light is there? Do you still hate it?

Joseph September 18, 2012 at 04:30 PM
Well Matt, I understand you are busy with this site. I do respect the work you do. I’m sure it’s not easy. The problem I'm having with The Patch right now is I have no idea what you're about? Do you report what's happening within our community or do you actually go out, ask questions, and do some investigative reporting? The old editor actually went to CNC meetings and reported back. Since she has left, I have yet to see any updates. I could have easily missed the article recapping a meeting, so please excuse me if I'm incorrect with that statement. Are you aware that the frauds on the CNC actually had to hold two meetings just so the meeting times were posted on The Patch, as well as continuing to post in The Bridge? One meeting to discuss whether or not they wanted to update their By-Laws, and the 2nd meeting to actually vote on the amendment. Over two months it took the CNC to decide whether or not they wanted the residents to be more informed as to when the meetings were taking place. Are you seeing the pattern now?
Joseph September 18, 2012 at 04:33 PM
The underlying point is this: Why hasn’t The Patch looked into the CNC and wrote about their failure to keep us informed? You’ve read their mission statement, yet they don’t follow it. You have yet to write anything negative about the CNC, nor call them out about their failure to live up to their elected responsibilities. Why is this Matt? I am thoroughly against the CNC and what they stand for. It’s very clear they do not represent the best interests of the residents of Charlestown. They are a self-serving bunch that REFUSES to keep us informed of what goes on in their meetings. They have the attitude that if you aren’t at their meetings, then you shouldn’t know what they discuss. You call this transparency? I called them out about failing to post the meeting minutes and what did they do? They removed the section on their site stating that minutes will be posted within a couple days after the monthly meeting. As a reporter, you don’t find this very peculiar? These are elected officials Matt!! IMO, the failure of The Patch to be more thorough when it comes to the reporting on what happens with the CNC is a clear sign you’re in bed with them and are afraid of exposing the frauds they are. This entire Rutherford project is beyond the scope that was presented to us, yet you still haven’t written about it. Still confused there little doggy? G’day
Matt M. Casey September 18, 2012 at 05:02 PM
Joseph, I am in bed with no one but my significant other—and that's only when we can manage to be in the same city. It's not my job to offer my opinions on the CNC, but I go to their meetings and report back. Recent examples include the story about the triathlon, the initial story about the Julia Stiles movie and the story about the second veterinary facility that plans to come to town. They may not have registered for you as CNC stories because I tend to frame them as community stories that I picked up at the CNC meeting. Really, the fact that a group of people got together in a room and talked for a couple of hours is never a story—it's what that talk is going to mean that people want to know. As far as the difference between my approach and Kristi's her departure coincided with a big change in the company's internal workings. I'm not at liberty to give details about this, but one of the results has been that local editors have less time for bigger projects. I just don't have the resources of The Boston Globe. Trust me, I wish I did, but I have tried to do what I can with what I have.
Joseph September 18, 2012 at 05:49 PM
Just trying to shed light on the frauds running the CNC. Their refusal to be transparent is beyond shocking. Their silence strange. Stranger that not one member has ever posted on The Patch. Even more so, never hearing from our precinct representatives. Oh how they must hate The Patch, the internet, blogs, etc. Take a look into what was approved a couple years ago and was is currently being constructed on Rutherford. There's a story here Matt. G'day
Noreen Manning September 18, 2012 at 08:03 PM
...and back to the traffic lights!


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