Top Stories: BUILD, Evictions and Bussing

With a big bust and a note on how public housing evictions work.

We know it’s easy to fall behind on the news. If you fell behind this week, here are five stories we think you should pay attention to:

BUILDing s’mores and better students: We brought you two more stories on the BUILD program this week—one in which we showed you what the program’s look like, and one in which we brought you the face of . Staples, Inc., also sent us a pitching his product at the company’s corporate offices.

How public housing evictions work: We heard your questions recently on why the Boston Housing Authority doesn’t evict people involved in illegal activity. The answer? —but those evictions make up a , and eviction actions are a relatively uncommon occurrence.

Police make notable drug, weapon bust: Boston police reported that they arrested three men in Charlestown and found .

MBTA service cut struggles continue: The MBTA held the this week, this one in Chelsea, and State Rep Eugene O’Flaherty asking MBTA Secretary Richard Davey to reconsider his plans.

The end (or serious reduction) of bussing? Mayor Thomas Menino announced a this week to transition Boston’s school enrollment program to be more neighborhood-centric—though the plan would have little to no impact on high school registration and .


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