Poll: Assisted Suicide Ballot Question Losing Support, But Still Expected to Pass

The most recent Suffolk University poll suggests that voters are being influenced by a barrage of ads urging them to block Question 2.

A new poll finds that support for the ballot question that would legalize doctor-assisted suicide for the terminally ill has dropped dramatically.  

According to a Suffolk University poll released Tuesday, 47 percent of voters support the measure and 41 oppose it, in contrast to the 64 percent who supported it six weeks earlier. 

The 'death with dignity' question seeks to allow terminally ill adults who are expected to live less than six month to take legal drugs prescribed by a doctor.

The drop in support could be attributed to the sharp increase in ads seeking to persuade voters to reject the question. Stephen Crawford, spokesman for Dignity 2012, has called the groups behind these ads "out-of-state fringe groups wiling to say anything," according to masslive.com. In addition to the out-of-state groups, many in Massachusetts – in particular, Catholic groups – are opposing the measure

Crawford said his group plans to air ads in support of Question 2 between now and the election. 


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