Menino Hints at Running for Another Term

The Boston mayor had been in the hospital and now is staying at the Spaulding Rehab Center.

Boston Mayor Thomas Menino said he is still able to do the job he was elected to do, and he hasn't ruled out seeking reelection in 2013.

In an interview with the New York Times, Menino spoke while working out at the Spaulding Rehab Center.

“My attitude is this. I’ve run for mayor five times now and I’ve won all five times," he said. “How I explain this is, people have to have faith in you. That’s the key to this whole thing. That was Mitt Romney’s problem—people didn’t believe in him.”

When asked whether he thought if he could make people believe in him, and support him after a long hospitalization, Menino responded: “Watch me!”

Menino has been hospitalized since Oct. 26 after returning early from an anniversary trip with his wife in Italy. He was diagnosed with a viral infection, and it was found he had a blood clot in his leg, then a back fracture was found during his stay.

He was then transferred to Spaulding Rehab on Nov. 26, during which time his doctor at Brigham and Women's Hospital revealed Menino had been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes.


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