Letter: Transportation Directly Impacts Public Health

This letter was submitted by the executive director of the Massachusetts Public Health Association.

Although transportation and public health are often viewed separately, transportation has a direct impact on public health.

The addition of bike lanes and sidewalks encourages exercise while reducing emissions and the impact of asthma, allergies and other respiratory conditions.

Expansion of public transportation allows greater access to parks, jobs, healthy food stores, and health care facilities, which are all intimately tied to well-being.

Increased use of public transportation also reduces injuries and fatalities caused by traffic accidents.

With the Governor’s transportation proposal currently on the table, it is important to identify policies and projects that will work to improve public health. During this legislative session there is a great potential for major progress to be made in creating more health-conscious transportation policies.

Toby Fisher MBA MSW
Executive Director
Massachusetts Public Health Association

Jay K. January 25, 2013 at 02:36 PM
Well said, Mr. Fisher.
Jay K. January 25, 2013 at 02:45 PM
If enough people click "Flag as inappropriate" on a given comment, the comment is removed. It's the only way they police the vitriol. My sense is that the Patch tries to balance avoiding censorship with losing readers because of such comments. That said, they usually will remove comments containing profanity if they catch them. He probably replaced the s's with $'s thinking it would fool some software monitoring the site. I think they manually curate though. I wish they would do a better job of trying to encourage civilized discourse. I love the local topics here, but I'm very tired of the anger.
Becca Manning January 25, 2013 at 02:55 PM
Please remember to follow our Terms of Use and avoid offensive language and personal attacks. We're not saying "let's all get along," but please watch your language. Thanks! Question, refer to our Terms of Use: http://charlestown.patch.com/terms
Becca Manning January 25, 2013 at 02:56 PM
After review by several Patch editors, we have agreed to pull the comment. Joseph, please refer to our Terms of Use and watch your language. Thanks.
Joseph January 25, 2013 at 03:38 PM
Not well said Mr. Fisher!! The only reason for this puff piece is to say how great it is to continually overtax hard working citizens of this Commonwealth. Of course you're happy, you receive the benefits of our hard work. The failure for you, Jay K, The Patch, Gerald Robbins and others not to see how Patrick is refusing to address the real problems with his (our) government is mind boggling. Oh yeah Patch and Jay K - the article talking referring to training dogs has more profanity than my post. You obviously are censoring those opposed to this tax increase. Let's call a spade a spade now, shall we?


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