Group to Take Over Life Focus Center, Keep Workers

Head of new group says he aims to minimize disruption.

Clients of the Life Focus Center will begin receiving services from another organization in mid June, but they may not notice.

“[Our goal] for the people getting the services is that June 17 doesn’t look much different than June 16,” said Bill Sprague, president of Bay Cove Human Services.

Life Focus Center provides care for approximately 140 people with developmental disabilities, many of them who have spent their entire adult lives with the center and who have profound disabilities, according to the center.

Sprague said that the Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services asked his agency to take over Life Focus Center’s functions on Friday. That decision, he said, followed the department’s meeting last week with families of the center’s clients. On Monday, Sprague met with those same families to explain his new role in the center’s continuing drama.

The state announced recently that it would after a state audit found that the center had misused taxpayer funds.

“It’s unfortunate that the last few months have been as difficult as they’ve been,” Sprague said. He noted that the center had an otherwise good reputation for multiple decades.

Sprague said that Bay Cove won’t take over the Life Focus Center as a whole—he expects some administrative positions to be trimmed—but he aims to keep the center’s face intact.

His organization is currently interviewing current Life Focus employees to continue working with the center’s clients, Sprague said.

His approach pleased at least some of those interested in the center. Charlestown Patch reader Donna O'Brien on an article that she was at the meeting.

"I believe Bay Cove will take this program to a whole new level for both the well cared for consumers and the committed staff," she said.

Joseph May 02, 2012 at 01:28 PM
No mention of Jack Millerick remaining in power? No mention of this incompetent board staying in place? Why do I think this will be brushed under the rug?
Donna O'Brien May 03, 2012 at 07:25 AM
Joe, I was at the meeting with my friends, parents of a consumer. Bay Cove is taking over one entity of LFS; the Zelma Lacy and City Square combined. Bill Sprague made it very clear that Bay Cove was not aligned with LFC in any formally agreed fashion. As a matter of fact, his body language made it very clear that LFC is on its own. Bay Cove's focus is on the consumers and their families: period. He wants that transition to go like clockwork and he needs LFC folks' cooperation to do so. What I found to be particularly distasteful was having the LFC Board meet while Bay Cove was talking with family and loved ones of the consumers. At the end, Kevin O'Halloran gave us another aw, shucks performance; Karen Anderson acted more like SHE was the deputy commissioner. My understanding from Gene O'Flaherty is that the Atty. General is involved. They should at least get pinched for tax evasion because they did not declare their 'free cars' as income. Seems everyone is turning a blind eye to the daughter's wedding festivities held at LFC. I goess the KofC wasn't good enough for Missy.
Larry Fine May 03, 2012 at 11:11 AM
Once again, a well informed, and articulate post by Ms. O'Brien. Thank you for attending these meetings and keeping this community current. I am surprised that the newspapers and media are not attending these meetings? I had thought that the board of the center had resigned? And what is the reference to a wedding for Missy?
PB May 04, 2012 at 03:48 AM
Articulate maybe, well informed they are not. Kevin, although you will never say it, or believe it, "you are a true hero"....As you are, (ALWAYS), in your every day life - continue to be honest - humble - caring and devoted. Stand up for yourself and others who continually devote their lives, their heart and soul into LFC- Day in and day out - You gave 150% to those that truly matter at LFC - the clients, and the workers who show up and work hard for the clients! Do not let anyone try and push the blame on you - Hold your head up high - and be proud of all you accomplished - After reading and reviewing the reports, audits, and even the blogs - "You" deserve to be commended - not condemned.
PB May 04, 2012 at 03:51 AM
Maybe bloggers should speak to a larger group of clients and their families. as well as the innocent workers (who truly devote their lifes to this center and the client )and ask "their opinions about Kevin" before blogging their two cents. . Hold your head high - The people and establishments that matter will see the truth - and what matters the most if you, God and your family know the truth I hope clients, and client family members who have been involved for many many years, (but might be holding back), will find the strength to speak up. And also speak against those who think they know it all - but in truth, they know nothing at all. Those who are quick to pass judgement after "attending A meeting or two", They speak bold and loud but dont take the time to seek out the truth. Just jump on the political band wagon, or grandstand. Maybe seeking out and standing up for the truth doesnt get the attention they seek - just my thoughts
Joseph May 04, 2012 at 12:36 PM
Thank you Donna for this information. Shocking that main stream media isn't all over Jack Millerick and his cronies. They stole and misused public funds. Doesn't get much clearer than that. PB - The audit was completely false? Who's bashing innocent workers? So the DDS isn't an establishment that matters? Wow. If Kevin is so innocent, then why isn't he being more vocal about ousting Jack Millerick & Co.? Defending the good is one thing. Making excuses for the guilty is another. G'day.
Peter June 16, 2012 at 05:31 PM
Kevin Innocent no way,..... he was incharge of all the money,...... one dollar for Jack Millerick 3 for him,..... i found him more gulty than Jack Millerick all he ever wants is the power that Millerick have.
Kim June 18, 2012 at 01:49 AM
Peter i totally agree with you on that. They are both crooks. They wanted all the money for themselves. They didnt care about there clients the workers did. Jacks wife karyn was just as bad, with taking money for heraelf. And to top it all off jack also had is so called secretary marge do all his dirty work for him, like changing money records frequently, screwing employees out of there vacation time but always favored the ones that kissed there asses. Enough said karyn,jack, marge and kevin are far from innocent.
laura June 20, 2012 at 11:33 PM
My daughter is a client at lfc i donot care for this new agency. Bay cove . No more cooking. She sats there half the day and does coloring since jack took the tv the wii sySTEM ALSO TOOK THE MICROWAVE SO NOW THEY CANNOT WARM UP FOOD WHY DID THEY ALLOW HIM TO ROB THE PLACE. I DONT SEE ANY GREAT CHANGE WITH BAY COVE SINCE ALL THE EQUIPMENT IS GONE TO THIS AGENCY MY DAUGHTER IS JUST ANOTHER CLIENT TO ADD
Peter June 24, 2012 at 05:13 PM
Laura, that may be another lie coming from Kevin and his ass kissers, first of all he back stabbed Jack to take over LFC, Laura, before you post something, ask why no more TV, Games or Microwaves, No bowling, no trips out to mall or beach? Instead of pointing fingers at others, i find out that everything was given to the staff and charities, Bay Cove doesn't believe in social interaction while they are at the center. Work or do nothing and for the little check Jack used to give them. Not if they don't work and they are getting the same contract amount of money or maybe more or what Jack was getting in the past years. I asked why no TV or no outing trips? So i got my answer,..... yes your daughter is just another client to get money from the state or DDS, but some of us (all parents) choose it that way. At least Jack gave them the best of the best and everything they want TV's, trips, movies trips, cook outs every week with the best food you can buy. Thanks God we are removing my brother before all this BULLSHIT!!! continues or gets worse.
Charlestown joe June 24, 2012 at 07:30 PM
I am a little confused here...Peter. Are you talking about Jack Millerick, getting the best of everything? Or are you talking about the clients? Because,if you are talking about Jack he certainly did get the best of everything, for himself, his wife, daughter, son, and god only knows who else,in his little scheme of things. Put him away, No restitution, no pay offs, treat him like any other criminal! Because what he did is inexcusable! and criminal! All the rights in the world wouldn't correct this one wrong! The place in NH should also be donated to the center, and designated a a summer camp, ALL summer, not just a week or two for the clients.
Eyes Open September 09, 2012 at 04:25 PM
Charlestown Joe....You have blinders on if you think Jack Millerick took the best of everything for himself. Take a look a Kevin O'Halloran. Check out his backyard and you'll see lovely cast iron tables and chairs that the state bought for consumers but line around his pool.....you would think you were at the Hyatt. Kevin is nothing more than a slimy snake that takes from the disabled and cries WOLF!!! There is so much more on him but he made a deal with the State so he can walk away unscathed. But you know what they say.........snitches get stitches and end up in ditches!!!!!
Marianne Faithfull September 10, 2012 at 12:07 PM
Recovery is BIG MONEY, the disabled are BIG MONEY. And what does BIG MONEY in Massachusetts equate kiddies? Why it equates graft, natch.


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