Domino's Owner Says Support Dwarfs Opposition

Boston Licensing Board hears the franchise's application for a license to open on Main Street; decision slated for tomorrow.

Nine Charlestown residents attended a hearing of the Boston Licensing Board, Wednesday, to oppose the application for a Domino’s Pizza to open on Main Street.

The residents largely repeated arguments heard at Charlestown Community Council , saying that they believed Charlestown had enough pizza businesses already and that the town would rather not have a national chain on Main Street.

Franchise Owner Rob Rivard noted that the residents who spoke at a represented a small fraction of the neighborhood’s population, and that the number of customers he already serves in town dwarfs that of the vocal opposition.

He and his consultant, Bill Mohan, said that the franchise could have circulated a petition like some opponents did, and could have recruited supporters to attend the 10 a.m. Wednesday meeting, but chose not to.

The pair did, however, submit a packet of letters supporting the business.

The board heard arguments for and against the restaurant for more than 45 minutes. Neighborhood Liaison Danielle Valle Fitzgerald and Diane Grant—president of the Charlestown Chamber of Commerce but speaking for herself—asked the licensing board to defer the hearing to another date citing insufficient notification of the hearing’s time and date.

Likely denying that request, the three-member board is slated to make its decision Thursday.

Joseph July 11, 2012 at 07:53 PM
Here's your answer - he doesn't have any! Unless of course, this is another shady backroom deal where he knows he'll get the license to occupy and is just going through the steps to give the appearance that he's fighting the good fight. What a joke (similar to the way the CNC operates - another joke of an organization that must be dismantled. Good to see they've updated their minutes!! - NOT).
Matt M. Casey July 11, 2012 at 08:01 PM
Mr. Mohan held up a manilla folder at one point that he said held letters of support. I don't have any reason to believe that he was lying, as he said he planned to present it to the board at the end of the meeting.
Jay July 12, 2012 at 03:42 PM
I'm confused with what the big deal is. What place in Charlestown delivers after 10pm. I am not in love with Dominoes, but I like options. I also know that competition increases quality and helps keep inflation down because with little competition people can charge whatever they want. I really don't think this is going to hurt other businesses, but if it does then they may need to step up there game. In Medford where I last live I could get a Pizza till 3am. Here you have to order from some place in Somerville that complete stinks and your lucky if you get it luke warm. Again, I don't love Dominoes' product, but when you come home late and you either don't want to cook or just don't have anything in the fridge it's nice to have options.
M. Jensen July 12, 2012 at 03:46 PM
My thought is worst case it will boost construction jobs in Charlestown....they will build out Domino's and after six months of no sales they will tear it down and then a proper charlestown location will be built out in the space.
Christina August 09, 2012 at 05:39 PM
Dominos on Staniford Street by MGH delivers to Charlestown until 3am. I'm still not sure why this point isn't stressed over and over again. We don't need a location in Charlestown, because one exists already that delivers to us! I got home late last night from work (1130pm), ordered dominos from staniford, and it arrived in 20 minutes...


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