Charlestown Rep. O’Flaherty Gives Up Seat to Join Walsh's Team

Special primary and general elections will be held in the next six months.

Chelsea State Rep. Eugene "Gene" O’Flaherty whose district includes Charlestown, will give up his legislative seat on Beacon Hill to join his long-time friend and newly-installed Boston Mayor Marty Walsh as Boston's Chief Legal Counsel.

O’Flaherty, who is currently the House Chair of the Joint Judiciary Committee, has represented the district for nearly two decades, being elected in 1996 as was Walsh.

It is expected that a special primary and general elections will be held in the next six months. Each special state primary election for state representative is held four weeks prior to the special state election.

Chris Remmes, a 20-year resident of Charlestown, announced last month that he had formed a committee to launch a campaign for the 2nd Suffolk State Representative seat.

Joseph January 07, 2014 at 02:50 PM
Marty's Machine continues to roll. Transparency? That's a good one Marty. It's quite difficult to investigate and change all the corruption and backroom deals that take place in Boston when they keep hiring Boston's Old Boys Club. Oh wait, I see how it all works and why the same people continue to remain in office. Jesus. Hires a long term elected politician to be his lawyer. A politician that knows exactly how this city has been run for the past two decades? Already lawyering up Marty? Hmmm?? Talk about client/attorney privilege. Change? B'AH!!! How many union hacks are slated for the "Soon To Be Defunct BRA That Will Remain The Same But Just Have A Different Name? Absolutely disgusts me. G'day.


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