40 Warren Scaled Back, Last Meeting Thursday

New plans reduce scope or project.

Plans for the have been further reduced, and its neighbors and abutters will have one last chance to weigh in on Thursday.

Neighborhood Council member Mark Rosenshein said Tuesday that he expects Thursday’s meeting to draw “a little bit of a turnout,” and, as a result, has scheduled the meeting for the upstairs room at the .

He will also run the meeting “a little differently,” he said. After presentations, members of the public who wish to comment will be limited to three minutes each until everyone has spoken.

“I’m going to try and move the conversation,” Rosenshein said.

Building owner Vahid Nickpour said Tuesday that he made the latest changes to his project in an effort to .

Earlier plans called for the addition of 14 units to the top of the building. He has reduced that to 11. He also decreased the building’s final height by about a foot, and eliminated enclosed structures planned for the roof and replaced them with roof decks.

Lastly, the new plans draw back the additional floors’ external wall by 10 feet where the building comes closest to a neighboring building and include a line of screening trees to address neighbors’ privacy concerns.

Nickpour revised the plans following an about the project held on Dec. 17. Nickpour said he distributed 400 fliers about the meeting to neighbors, and about 20-25 people attended.

From there, he scheduled a follow-up meeting for Monday, Jan. 2. That meeting, said Rosenshein, attracted just one member of the public.

will begin at 7 p.m.


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