Thursday Crash Wrecks Store, Terrifies Customer

Thursday's car accident at the Tedeschi's on Main Street could have injured many, manages to cause no serious injuries.

Thursday’s crash at the Tedeschi on Main Street was a crisis narrowly missed, according to a police report.

When officers arrived on the scene, they found the driver walking around in the back of the store. She told police that, as she pulled in to the parking lot, she slipped and hit the gas pedal when she meant to hit the brake pedal. As a result, she accelerated when she should have stopped.

“Once she realized that she was driving forward, she got scared and froze for a second,” the police report read.

A customer in the store told police that he heard a loud crash, then looked up to see the vehicle “coming at him.”

“The vehicle brushed against his right side as it moved through the store before coming to a stop near the rear of the building,” the report said.

An officer observed a scrape along the customer’s arm—and he appeared “visibly shaken from the incident”—but he was otherwise unharmed.

Police found a passenger in the vehicle, who “appeared to be dazed from the incident.”

Boston Fire and EMS along with representatives from city inspectional services, a city health inspector and a glass company joined officers on scene. The manager oversaw the wreckage.

While the store lost doors and windows, the total human cost of the incident appeared to be a single scrape.


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