'Sniffing Sound' Leads to Drug Arrest

Officers made multiple drug arrests in this week's roundup of police activity.

These reports were collected from the Boston Police Department and took place within Charlestown's District, A-15. The time and place of the alleged crimes are listed. Persons arrested are innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

On Thursday, Aug. 4, police were conducting a routine patrol around 8 p.m. at Charlestown Newton properties when an officer heard a sniffing sound in the stairwell at 63 Old Ironsides Way.

Upon investigating, police found individuals sitting on the second floor steps, inhaling a powdery substance through a folded $1 and $10 bills. Officers observed the scene for "about three seconds," according to a police report, before approaching the individuals. One woman admitted that she was sniffing heroin.

Police arrested Lauren Ford of Dedham and Richard Fasano of Charlestown on a charge of drug possession (Class A). 

Later that day, police responded to a report of breaking and entering by force at 17 Carney Court. 

Around 8:45 p.m., police arrived on the scene and spoke with the victim, who said she returned home to find her front door lock had been tampered with. Her bedroom door had also been kicked in, 

While providing the police with details, the victim received a call from her ex-boyfriend. According to the police report, he told the victim, "yeah, I broke into your apartment. So what if I did?" 

Police offered to take the victim to a relative's home, but she declined. She was advised to contact police if she received any further threats from her ex. No arrests were made. 

On Friday, Aug. 5, officers were investigating the area around the Bunker Hill Mall, which police say there is a high level of drug activity.

Around noon, an officer noticed a man who "had the appearance of a drug user," according to a police report, standing outside of Friendly's, talking on his cell phone and clutching money. The officer watched the man walk to Thompson Square and conduct what appeared to be a drug transaction.

The man ingested orange tablets, according to the police report and engaged in a conversation with another man, who police say is a known drug dealer. 

Officers arrested Donald Kelsey of Charlestown and David Mancuso of Boston on a charge of drug possession (Class B) with an intent to distribute. 

For more information, residents can contact the district's Community Service office at 617-343-4627. To report drug dealing, contact the District A-1 confidential drug line at 617-343-4879.

The Charlestown neighborhood police station can be reached at 617-343-4888. Public safety meetings are held there on the third Tuesday of every month at 6:30 p.m


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