Peabody Police List 2010 Accident Hot Spots

The junction of Washington and Aborn streets saw the most crashes.

Intersection Accidents Washington and Aborn streets 7 Main and Washington streets 5 Main and Howley streets 4 Main and Caller streets 4 County and Lynn streets 4 Goodale and Lowell streets 4 Andover and Cross streets 3 Andover and Route 128 3 Lynn and Bartholomew streets 3 Lowell and Bourbon streets 3 Centennial Drive and Summit Street 3 King and Ellsworth streets 3 Lowell and Forest streets 3 Spring and Foster streets 3 Washington and Foster streets 3 Washington and Granite streets 3 Newbury and Lake streets 3 Lowell and Perkins streets 3

When one ponders where Peabody saw the most accidents in 2010, some might believe it was around the where there is a lot of traffic. But they would be wrong.

According to statistics, Washington and Aborn streets saw the highest number of accidents with seven, followed by Main and Washington streets, which saw five motor vehicle crashes.

Peabody Police Det. Peter Olson, a department spokesman, said the police accident statistics will be different than merit rating board, which gets their data from insurance company claims. Olson also said that while people do not always report every accident to the police, they do generally file claims with their insurance companies. The department does not have access to that information, he said.

Olson said Peabody Police look at its accident data closely to see where they can improve public safety.

“We take statistics such as these into consideration for future deployments of traffic units and dedicated patrols.  The department also utilizes statistics provided by The Intelligence and Analysis Unit in Command Staff meetings, where solutions are developed and implemented based on crime trend patterns and quality of life issues.”

Jeff Brown March 22, 2011 at 08:22 PM
Interesting in that Northshore Mall is NOT listed. Especially when one considers that drives on RT 114 are ALWAYS driving through the red lights at Loris Road.
Augusta March 22, 2011 at 09:26 PM
114 is THE WORST! hands down!
NOYB March 23, 2011 at 06:54 AM
Most minor accidents are not reported to the police (under $1000 damage). The police department discourages you from calling them when there is a minor accident and to just call your insurance agent, exchange papers etc. These stats are not correct. Most accidents do happen at the mall. Seniors are the worst and most dangerous drivers. It is a fact.


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