Norwood Man Arrested for Distribution of Adderall in Home Depot Parking Lot

The following information is provided by the Boston Police Department, and where charges are mentioned it does not indicate a conviction.


Undercover Boston Police arrested a Norwood man for allegedly distributing prescription medication in the Home Depot parking lot in West Roxbury.

One Nov. 7 around 4:57 p.m., Alain Barbara, of 565 Pleasant St., Norwood, was arrested and charged with distribution of a class C drug, Adderall. 

Members of the Boston Police District E-5/E-18 Drug Control Unit in the Home Depot parking lot, a known place for drug transactions, according to a Boston Police report. Police saw one vehicle parked in the farthest spot from the store when there were plenty of other spots closer to the store. After several minutes another vehicle came, and one driver got into the other's vehicle. 

Believing they were seeing a drug deal, police approached the vehicle and displayed their badges.

The two suspects provided inconsistent stories, according to police. Officers asked the suspects if they had any drugs on them or in their vehicles. One suspect allegedly said he had some Adderall in his center console of his vehicle, and that he had purchased 20 pills for $80 from Barbara. Officers found 16 orange and white capsules wrapped in a napkin. 

The purchaser will be summonsed to the West Roxbury District Court for possession of a class C drug. 

Karen Kast November 11, 2012 at 08:32 PM
Hope whoever bought adderall is aware that it can trigger extreme mood-swings, suicidal ideations etc in people with any kind of mood disorder! Learned that the hard way when my son was 10 and a psych prescribed it as the new "wonder drug" for my ADHD son - he became suicidal and I believe it is what "switched on" his mood swings as prior to that he was a pretty even-tempered kid. He was diagnosed as bipolar about a year later, which obviously was part of him prior to the med, but who knows - maybe if never on adderrall it never would have been "triggered" to become active. Through my time moderating a world-wide listserv for the Child & Adolescent Bipolar Foundation http://www.thebalancedmind.org/connect/blog/2011/10/big-changes-at-cabf we found that many kids with propensity toward mood issues became unstable with adderall & other stimulant drugs - we lobbied and finally got "black box" warnings put on all meds for children which might have adverse affects. Buying drugs of any kind is dangerous when not dispensed by a pharmacy, but adderall is one of the worst!


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