New Police Capt. Brings Breadth of Experience

Captain Tom Lee officially took over for Captain Bernard O'Rourke on March 3.

Charlestown’s new police captain may not be from the town—or even the collection of neighborhoods known as Area A—but his 30 years of experience with the department have taken him to every neighborhood in the city.

Captain Tom Lee told Charlestown Patch this week that he has had “a number of jobs” while wearing his uniform, ranging form working the front desk as a cadet to commanding the city’s SWAT team.

His work with the SWAT team took him to Charlestown several times to serve warrants, he said. As a detective with the city’s drug control unit, he said, he made more than 1,000 arrests, and some of those occurred in Charlestown.

“Some people stay in just one area,” Lee said. “I’ve had the privilege of serving across the police department.”

That wide range of experience, he said, should equip him to understand the jobs performed by the men and women under his command as he eases into what he called “one of the most prestigious posts in the department.”

While Lee brings a wealth of experience to his new post, he said he has little ambition to change the policies left behind by his predecessor, Bernard O’Rourke, who was recently promoted to Deputy Superintendent of the Bureau of Field Services.

“Bernie ran a good station,” Lee said, adding that the officers town residents have grown used to dealing with have remained in their posts.

For those interested in meeting him, Captain Lee will attend tonight’s public safety committee meeting at the district A-15 police department.

Other residents may get a sense of the new Area A leader in a different way, though. Lee said the department is making an effort to use online social media to reach out to youth, and is considering other digital platforms, including online chats.

Judy Cleveland-Young March 24, 2012 at 11:56 PM
Welcome to the neighborhood. I hope one of the many issues you will focus on is the issues concerning the Bunker Hill Mall. The drug dealing that goes on there and the drunks who hang out around the area, especially in the little park beside the Citerzens Bank. I would love to be able to walk or sit in or around the mall without the drunks using the park and mall as their urinals with their junk hanging out for all to see. I would love to be able to take a breathe and smell fresh air not urine. I would also like a cruiser to show up when 911 is called and a compliant is made, especially when someone has called twice in a matter of 2 hours. Thank you.
Thomas Lee March 26, 2012 at 12:56 PM
Judy, Thanks for the welcome to Charlestown! I've forwarded your complaint to the Drug Unit and I'll assign a directed patrol to the Mall, Tom Lee
Judy Cleveland-Young March 28, 2012 at 12:04 AM
Thank You


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