McCabe Friends and Family Shocked, Saddened By Murder Trial Verdict

"Not guilty" leaves Johnny McCabe's friends and family grasping for answers.

More than four decades after Johnny McCabe's body was found bound and gagged in a vacant lot in Lowell, friends and the family find themselves still seeking justice for the Tewksbury teen.

On Friday, a Middlesex Superior Court jury found Michael Ferreira "Not Guilty" in connection with McCabe's death. The verdict shocked and horrified membrs of the McCabe family, their friends and supporters.

Here is a sampling of some of the reactions to the verdict from the story on Tewksbury Patch, the Tewksbury Patch Facebook Page and the John McCabe Tribute Page on Facebook.

Deborah Anne McCabe-Atamanchuk: Our dad has made it his crusade to bring John s murderer to justice. Brown confessed, being there and helping hold him down. The jury finds reasonable doubt? Where is justice? As a famous u tube artist said' hide your kids hide your wife' there are some crazy thinking humans out there. NOT GUILTY!!!

Roberta Donovan: The family is in shock right now, we can't believe what has happened!

Who Me: It’s Prosecutor's Incompetence and over-reach. I’ve seen this blunder more and more lately. The only verdicts the Jury was allowed was guilty of First Degree or Innocent. He should have been charge with Murder in the 2nd or Manslaughter. You knew first degree was going to be hard to sell to the Jury.

Patty: So disappointed for the McCabes.

Kathleen Brothers: My heart goes out to the McCabe family. After all these years of suffering now another blow. Justice system is surely lacking.

Kevin: This is hard to believe. How stupid can a group of people be ? One of the participants says that he was there and that the defendant was also there and did it and he is acquitted ? There could not be any reasonable doubt. And they are still going to try the third guy ? Our justice system is lacking. Sad.

Brooke: Absolutely disgusting. I hope all 3 lying scumbags get what's coming to them.

Robert Poulin: It is not sitting well with anyone except the defendant, his family and his counsel. Those responsible will go to their graves knowing they are not innocent and have inflicted so much pain and suffering on the family. Those too that "knew" but never came forward. I too cannot wrap my brain around what that jury could have been thinking.

Rachel Cinelli: Wow. just wow. I'm at a complete loss for words. what he did was unspeakable. how any1 could set him loose jus blows my mind. no justice served. my thoughts are with the poor McCabe family. I bet his parents would have died much happier knowing that scumbag got what he deserved. So sad.

Kathryn Thomas Cortelyou: Justice for all? I think not! Travesty of justice more like it.

Carol: He's still guilty.leave it to the good liberal citizens of Massachusetts to put a killer back on the streets of nh. All I can say. My language far to filthy to post more.

Brenda Bousquet McCarthy: omg .... there is no justice .... so sorry to the McCabe family ....

Bill Gilman January 28, 2013 at 08:13 PM
Brown already confessed to the crime and agreed to plead guilty.
Janellen27 January 28, 2013 at 08:47 PM
I have not followed the case, as many of you probably have, and based on what I know and reading your comments, it's very sad to have dragged the family through this again only to achieve this ending--especially the father at 80-something years of age. Something wreaks here. Otherwise, when justice prevails in one case and not in another, I'd say our Court system is pretty broken. Afterall, a bit of a poor comparison, but clear--if 2 burners and the oven on your stove work sometimes and not at other times, you really can't say your stove works, can you! Sounds pretty broken to me! Often, when Jurors are interviewed after the fact, they say they knew the party was guilty, and based on such-and-such a mandate, or instruction, they had to vote the other way. Sigh . . . Yup, something wreaks. So sorry for the family's decades-long pain and suffering over such a tragic loss of a child.
erin January 28, 2013 at 10:34 PM
it would have been easier to be at peace if justice could be served. Those whom are guilty do not deserve happy lives. The courts may have let you get away with murder that does not mean you're innocent
Lori January 29, 2013 at 03:01 AM
I've been following this case and I feel the murder was premeditated, but I feel the jurors should have been given the option of finding him guilty of manslaughter as well. A lot of jurors find it hard to convict a young person guilty of first degree murder without a real motive and without being convinced that the person wanted the victim dead. I believe they meant to do harm to that boy for no reason at all. He was a child and certainly none of them felt threatened that he was going to take their girlfriend away. A bunch of thugs trying to act tough at the expense of an innocent boy. My heart goes out to the McCabe family. There was no justice here.
dennis January 30, 2013 at 01:06 PM
I agree with you but if you ask me the body was not where the police said it was near the train tower it was 225 feet away from there.And all the pictures did not show exactly where the body was .Only the people that were there know where it was and how it was set and tied .


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