Friend Robs His Jeans and Sneakers, Lots of Drug Arrests and Who Stole the Manhole Cover?

Police activity in Charlestown.

Jan. 6

Officers who were patrolling around Walford Way arrested a person who was wanted for an outstanding warrant for shoplifting out in Cambridge. 

Jan. 7

Officers who were in the vicinity of Polk Street observed a disturbance between two groups of young people. They were told by one person that a young man pulled a knife on him during the fracas. Based on that information, the officers located and arrested the individual.

Jan. 7

Some person or persons stole a manhole cover on Medford Street. 

Jan. 7

There was a drug investigation in the area of Starr King Court and two people were placed under arrest for possession of a class B drug (cocaine, prescription opiates, meth) with intent to sell. 

Jan. 7

The drug squad was also on Decatur Street where they placed two more people under arrest for that same Class B drug charge. 

Jan. 8

One day later, same results: officers performing a drug investigation in and around Bunker Hill Street cuffed a person for having a Class B drug on their person.

Jan. 9

There was a fight between two factions on Medford Street. The result of the dust  up: four under arrest charged with trespassing and assault and battery on an officer. 

Jan. 11 

A Medford Street resident told officers that he made arrangements to sell a person a pair of jeans. But rather than one person showing up, there were two and the second was holding a silver handgun and demanded not just the jeans but the victim's sneakers. What are you going to do? The victim handed both over before running off and calling 911. The funny thing: the victim and the person buying the jeans knew each other. It's under investigation. 

pmacdona January 21, 2014 at 09:31 AM
To Franklin Tucker - Editor: Just pointing out, there doesn't seem to be much proof-reading going on when these pages are updated. For example: arrested an(A) person - Some(ONE) stole a manhole cover -where (WERE) placed - result of the dust(BUST) up - there was(WERE) two and there(THE) second
Matthew January 21, 2014 at 02:53 PM
Mr. Tucker, There is no need to be so snarky when writing these reports. You might be tucked away in Belmont, but Charlestown is my home and I don't appreaciate your belittling tone.
david mokal January 23, 2014 at 02:22 PM
Thats all they know how to do on this Patch, Rude Snarky,Belittling, A-----------. I Think half of these posters are on Drugs or somethin. Mathew Just laugh at this it dont mean a p-hole in a Snowbank.


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