Dorchester Man Arrested for Allegedly Assaulting Police Caller

Police arrest William Benjamin after third call about him in the same night.

A Dorchester man faces assault and battery charges after he allegedly took out his aggression on a good Samaritan Saturday morning.

The attack’s victim, a Medford Street resident, told officers that he had gone out for a walk around 5:30 a.m. because an ongoing fight between a man and a woman in a nearby apartment had kept him awake.

While on his walk near the building, William Benjamin of 194 Adams Street in Dorchester allegedly attacked the victim. The victim told police that Benjamin asked why he had called the police and demanded that the victim “stay out of my business.” According to the report, Benjamin then jumped on the victim’s back and hit him.

Officers had responded to the apartment twice already, and had told Benjamin “not to come back to Charlestown, let alone 50 Medford Street.”

On their third trip, police arrested Benjamin and took him from the scene in the cruiser. He was charged with assault and battery and disorderly conduct—but not before aggravating existing wounds.

“While on scene and on the way to Area-1,” according to a police report, “suspect began to slam his head violently and numerous times on the hard center partition of the police cruiser, causing his cut from the earlier fight to open again.”


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