Charlestown Police Log: Cabbie Attacked on Walford Way

Incidents handled by the Boston Police Department.

Jan. 4: A McNulty Court resident told Boston Police officers that at 7 p.m. she observed a man "engaging in inappropriate sexual behavior" on the pathway outside her ground-floor window. The man fled prior to the arrival of the police who are now investigating. This is not the first time she remembered seeing the randy suspect in the neighborhood. 

Jan. 5: A cab driver arrived at a Walford Way address to pick up a fare when a man wearing a dark-colored sweatshirt walked up to his window. Brandishing a knife, the assailant walk up to the driver side window and demanded money from the cabbie. The driver refused to give the perp any cash and then grabbed the knife, cutting his hand. A second suspect who was in the background mentioned that he had a gun but noon was ever shown. The cabbie fled the scene and drove to a local fire station. He was treated for cuts on his left hand. Detectives now have the case.

Jan. 6: Boston Police officers patrolling Walford Way arrested a man for an outstanding Cambridge Court warrant charging him with larceny and shoplifting 

Jan. 10: While in a small business on Cambridge St., someone lifted his residents Galaxy X4 smart phone that was left on a table. But the theft didn't realize his location could be tracked by the phone's GPS signal. The phone said he was in a building on Morton Street in Dorchester, but police where unable to located the phone or the suspect. 


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