Bricklayers Fire Alleged Dog Poisoner

Announcement follows the arrest and arraignment

The Bricklayers Local 3 announced this week that they have fired Kenneth Hyland, 53 of Everett, who has been accused of leaving poisoned hot dog pieces on the Bricklayer's lawn.

Police arrested Hyland Friday, and a judge arraigned him Monday, when he denied the charges and was . 

Full statement:

Bricklayers Local 3 has announced that it fired Kenneth Hyland, the person hired to cut the grass at its 550 Medford Street property, as soon as it learned that My. Hyland had been arrested on Friday, September 21 for allegedly attempting to poison dogs on its property. Charles Raso, Business Manager of Bricklayers Local 3, Stated "At no time were we aware of Mr. Hyland's alleged activity. As soon as we became aware of the allegations against Mr. Hyland and the reasons for his arrest we terminated our relationship with him. Obviously, if these allegations are true, we do not condone this kind of behavior.

Charlestown Patch had called the Bricklayers Local 3 last week, after receiving a copy of a police report lated to the incident from a reader. At the time, the union refused to comment.

The union informed Charlestown Patch that it had prepared a statement late Monday, but would not email it.


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