Venture Out: Museum of Bad Art in Davis Square [VIDEO]

Featuring the worst-of-the-worst for nearly 20 years.

We love Charlestown, but sometimes we're looking for something a bit more spontaneous and progressive. 

So where do we go when we're craving something hip and zany? Davis Square in Somerville is a good choice. It's got the whole quirky thing down pat while also providing some great restaurant and shopping options.

Anchoring the neighborhood is Somerville Theatre, one of our favorite theaters in Boston, which also houses The Museum of Bad Art downstairs. What's that, you ask? Well, it's exactly what it sounds like. A real museum that celebrates the worst of the worst. And some of it's been done by professionals. Not convinced it's worth the trip? Let us explain:

5 Reasons Why Someville Theatre & The MOBA are Awesome:

1. You might not be a painter, but you know if you were, you definitely wouldn't be that bad. Confidence boost!

2. The Musuem of Bad Art has a large collection spread out over three galleries (the other two are in Dedham and Brookline) and is always acquiring new pieces. That means repeat visits are a must. Who knows what they've dug up (literally, they dig stuff out of the trash) this time!

3. Cheap movie tickets- $8 for adults, $5 for seniors & kids. Entrance to the musuem is included with the purchase of a movie ticket.

4. Even cheaper movie tickets - matinees are only $5.

5. $5 beers on tap and $6 glasses of wine.

For movie times and more information about the theater click here. Find out more about The Museum of Bad Art here.

And while you're at it, why not check out:

1. Dave's Fresh Pasta. Sometimes it makes us sad that we don't live closer to Dave's, but it's probably a blessing in disguise since their lemon parmesan cream sauce is kind of like crack. Serve some of their fresh pasta (you pick the flavor and the cut) with one of Dave's homemade sauces and watch your family instantly love you more. It's that good. Other specialty foods and wine also available.

2. Magpie. The perfect place to find a cute little something to bring to a housewarming party or a baby shower.

3. The Boston Shaker. The Boston Shaker is the home mixologist's dream shop. Stock up on bitters, sodas and any cocktail-related gadget you can think of. The shop also offers tastings and classes. Check its website for more information.

4. Redbones Barbecue. Southern bbq done right with an extensive draft list to boot. Menu available here

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