Today's Escape: Stop and Smell the Roses

A visit to one of Charlestown's Florists will perk your mood for certain.

Today’s task: Stop by the Florist!

When I was young, I loved the book, “The Secret Garden.” It's the story of a young girl who moves to live with her uncle in England after her parents die. Left to her own devices, she explores a beautiful garden on the grounds of her new home. I remember as a young child getting lost in the descriptions of the garden, its flowers of all shapes, sizes and smells.

Fast forward many years and I recall watching a movie called "Bed of Roses" with Christian Slater. In it, he leaves his corporate job after the death of his wife and buys a flower shop. He heals himself by delivering bouquets to people in his neighborhood. Partaking in their joy when he brings arrangements to celebrate births, promotions and weddings becomes his way of moving past his own pain.

There’s no denying that flowers can bring a smile to anyone’s face. Sure, over time they wilt and break apart. More practical folks will say it’s a waste of money to buy something that’ll die in a few days, but if you want to shift your mood, take a few minutes and visit a local flower shop. Just because you don’t have anyone in mind that needs flowers, why not buy some for yourself?

Charlestown has some great independently owned flower shops filled to the brim with flowers and plants. Why not take an escape and stop by and ? It’ll shift your mood for sure. Tired of the cold, rainy weather? Everything is shining in the flower shop.


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