The Poetic Rapture: Sullivan Square

A poetic and cryptic analogy of the rapture and the Sullivan Square debate, all in one.

Rapture diary.  

Wednesday May 18th

I headed down to the much-anticipated meeting about Rutherford Avenue at the Knights of Columbus. As walk I in and take my rightful place, a sudden urge of fear gripped my soul: the rapture is truly coming in just a few days. At one point, I even contemplated interrupting the meeting to explain to my fellow townies and villagers that in order to survive, we have to find a way to fight the dragons, which shall surely come as the Book of Revelations forecasts.  But I wait and stay silent as I ponder my next move. Then a fear much worse comes across every fiber of my being: I have roughly three days to live and I am spending my evening at the Knights of Columbus.

How did this happen?  All of the planning for this moment and yet here I am. Hearing words of democracy and government spending when the truth is within me, waiting to be hurled into the air. My town must be told of a plan to save us from the fate foretold by Harold Camping.  For if not, demons will roam the tunnels of Sullivan Square and our lives shall be for naught. Our human effort wasted spinning on this rock, circling a ball of fire -- in a candy bar pulled by a hole.  I am determined to save this rock and the souls who drift on it.

Thursday May 19th

I rose with with sun and a burden so heavy has begun to overcome me. This truth hidden inside me is about to be born.  Secrets crawl within the map handed out by such leaders, 12 hours before doomsday.  These secrets have powers to save the tortured ones, and offer escape for their chance at redemption. The secrets explain an exit for providential souls who receive the electronic voice at the appointed time. Traffic studies they are not, but underground tunnels they are. Figures depicting numbers of cars simply represent numbers of people who can be saved in each underground haven.  One such route of escape shall lie parallel beneath the bridge named after places with bars. A council of seven shall be granted entrance into the light we call Cambridgeside. The seven will be chosen based on aptitudes of knowledge, truthfulness, angelic qualities and Neo-like powers. The council shall be bestowed with burdens of food and the guardians of riches from the light of Cambridgeside.

Friday May 20th

Dragon breath smell means disaster awaits. Response has been slow from the electronic voice, and it’s worrying my tired soul.  Hours tick down to the rapture and it engulfs and stifles our collective spirit.  I reckon the voice has been spammed or caste off as rubbish. Alone, I shall fight and enter tunnels by night.  Cambridgeside provides comfort and spirit, as it has replaced the chapels where ancestors of villagers once practiced their rites. Food is stored in main tunnel one, directly below the on ramp I-93 once stood. Will anyone see the secret that is placed? Will they fear not the presentation, but what has actually been said? Educated we rise while passionately we fall; please hear the electronic voices’ beckon as thy call.

Day of Rapture

I wake with the mist and feel at ease. No sun has been seen, sending my mind adrift.  Still no words from the pad starting with i. I wonder, does this mean I won’t survive? As the hand touches thirty after crossing the number 5, it is best to retreat with my fellows and watch us all die.  The tunnels were not used, giving waste to such planning, but the spirit is beautiful inhabiting this specific spot on this planet.

As the hand touches 6 and seemingly nothing happens, such glass that reflects sees a figure surrounded by madness.  Insanity grips the figure as he realized what has been enacted, a plan blown up in smoke, by human interaction.  But this figure or thyself has not escaped such transactions, as the insanity he has pitched, has just been read by the masses.

Phew! Until Oct. 21, when we will meet again, go Bruins!!

William Brewster May 24, 2011 at 03:18 PM
Hey, where did everybody go?????


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