A Little Bit of Paradise: Have a Local Wellness Weekend

The Thursday Patch Passport shows you a Little Bit of Paradise. This features local places where you can feel like you are a million miles away from the daily stress of life, without having to go far from home. Come along and relax...

One of the things I love about Charlestown is that within walking distance of my front door, I have access to lots of resources and services to create my own mini-retreat weekend, right here in the neighborhood. When I got to thinking about what my perfect wellness weekend might include without having to leave my neighborhood, I thought of things like this:

Get a Massage

One of the best post-exercise activities (and certainly an activity that should be part of any wellness weekend) is massage. Massages are great because they can be customized depending on what you’re like to get out of it. Feeling tight from your workouts? Get a deep tissue massage. Feeling all-over achy? How about a restorative massage. and provide massage services.

Cost: $60-$100 depending on time. Also look for specials and Groupon type deals when available.

Tap Into Your Intuition

One of the things that I believe should be part of any wellness weekend is time to reflect. When we make time to relax, it should include more than just working on the outside body: it’s important to also include working on the inside.

One of the best ways to do that is to tap into your own sense of intuition. You can do this on your own through sitting quietly, outside in one of our cool local spots, like City Square Park or up by the Monument and you can also get some guided assistance from our local intuitive expert, MaryLee Trettenero. She’ll guide you through a process to tap into your own wisdom.

Cost: Rates vary. See www.bostonintuitive.com

Try a new wellness treatment

When you’re dedicating time to your own wellness, it’s always important to try new things too. Our local Holistic Health Practitioner, Shawna Pelton, can walk you through several wellness-based treatments you may have not tried before: Core Heart Forgiveness, Reiki, diet and lifestyle consultations and organic herbs, teas and detox programs.

Cost: Rates vary. See www.shawnapelton.corehealth.us 

Fingers and Toes

Not just for women anymore, “manis and pedis” are for anyone who cares about how their toes and hands look. Also, all you runners out there, pedicures are a necessity as you increase your mileage to prevent ingrown toenails and get a good calf rubdown.

Charlestown has a number of local places for both, from to and . With walk-in service the norm, you can decide on the spur of the moment to fit in one of these great treatments.

Cost: Under $50 for both.

A Gift for Yourself

Living in tight economic times cutting into your discretionary spending? Feeling like it’s been months since you bought yourself a treat? Stop into Olivia Browning and peruse their wide range of products. Pick yourself up a little something meaningful to acknowledge your sense of innate goodness. While there, connect with owner Abby Gray, one of our neighborhood’s most positive people. You’ll leave feeling wonderful!

Breathe and Stretch

Being a long time lover of yoga and a teacher, I’ve found it’s the best blend of physical exercise and “do something good for your insides” activity. I might start the day with a class at and I might also do a little on my own at or out on the dock in the Navy Yard overlooking the Harbor.

Cost: Free or under $20

You Are What You Eat

Eating healthy foods is an integral part of any wellness weekend. Many of our local eateries have healthy options, from Zume’s oatmeal to Sorrelle’s salads, light pasta dishes at Paolo’s and seafood salad at Chow Thai. Without naming all our wonderful local spots, I can say that just about any location here in town will modify what’s on the menu so it meets your own personal preferences when it comes to food preparation.

As much as we love to travel and get away from it all, if money and the logistics make it a challenge, stay local, support our local businesses and in the process, take care of yourself!




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