TONIGHT: Charlestown Neighborhood Council Returns to Action

The agenda for the council's first general meeting since its summer recess.

The following was supplied by Mark Rosenshein and David Whelan of the Charlestown Neighborhood Council. It has been edited for format.

CNC Agenda

September 4, 2012 

  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • Roll Call
  • Approval of June minutes
  • Chair Correspondence


  • Boston Triathlon – Matt Brackman
  • Edith Murnane – Food truck Committee
  • Geoff Lewis – BRA – Parcel 39A

Committee Reports:

  • Public Safety
  • Basic Services—Tangerino’s, Olive’s valet parking, Bike Lane meeting, Hubway meeting
  • Development - Update
  • Transportation –
  • Mitigation –  Process
  • Election  -  At Large - November
  • Bylaws – N/A 

Old Business:

(None listed)

New Business:

  • ZBA notices
  • Animal hospital/vet - deferred

Upcoming meetings/Events: 

  • Public Safety – 9/18/12 – Police Station – Hayes Square – 6:30.
  • 40 Warren Street – 9/27/12 – K of C
  • Zoning – 9/19/12 – K of C
Joseph November 01, 2012 at 05:33 PM
No CNC announcement for the November meeting? Didn't the CNC update their bylaws so The Patch would be notified? No updated minutes? CNC continuing to disregard all forms of communication with our community. So many questions, yet we never have any answers from the CNC. Someone please explain their purpose again? Why are they so afraid to communicate with us?


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