Today! Celebrate One Year of PROMISE Book Nook

Event begins at 5:30 p.m. at the Kennedy Center.

The following was submitted by Charlestown Nursery School

Charlestown's PROMISE to all Children, formerly Charlestown Early Childhood Cluster, celebrates its expanded work to improve childhood experiences for all Charlestown children with the One Year Anniversay of the PROMISE Children's Book Nook at Kennedy Center on 55 Bunker Hill Street next month with a reading event on March 13 from 5:30-7pm.

The PROMISE Children's Book Nook is a lending library that is open Monday-Friday 9-5 so all families have access to books to bring home. The books are donated from Read Boston, Smart from the Start, and community donations (information about how to donate below).

Since, early experiences so greatly impact children's development PROMISE is committed to making reading material reach every child in Charlestown. It has also kicked-off a wonderful community network of educators, providers and parents who are committed to improving access to all the resources for children and families in Charlestown. 

What does PROMISE stand for?  PROMISE stands for Charlestown Parents and Providers Reaching Out for the Most Successful Education for ALL Children

What is the mission of PROMISE? PROMISE is committed to providing education, resources and opportunities so all Charlestown children have rich childhood experiences in all areas of development and growth. This year, we are particularly focused on creating community calendars, electronic bulletin boards and events that help make sure every child and family is aware of all the wonderful programs and resources  for children in Charlestown. 

Who is involved in PROMISE? PROMISE is open to all community members (parents, caregivers, educators, community leaders...) interested in supporting children and families. Currently, the representatives from Charlestown schools are involved including Kennedy Center, Tiny Tots, Child Focus, MGH Children’s Center, MGH Children’s Quarters, Good Shepard School and Charlestown Nursery School as well as representatives from Smart from the Start, Charlestown Community Center, ABCD, Dennis McLaughlin House, Child Development and Education Center. We are doing outreach to include all program coordinators, clubs, sports and health organizations in our calendar and electronic bulletin board. 

What activities and events does PROMISE have planned? PROMISE is planning events, activities and materials for caregivers, parents and educators including

  • "PROMISE Children's Traveling Book and Activity Baskets" (check out laundromats, hair salons, bodegas... for these)
  • "PROMISE Play" (activities to promote free play including props for dramatic play, block building...)
  • "PROMISE Get Out Charlestown" (Let's G.O.-Get Out-Charlestown with Children Nature Network, http://childrenandnature.ning.com/group/letsgo)
  • "PROMISE Screen-Free Week" (April 30-May 6th,  http://www.commercialfreechildhood.org//
  • "PROMISE Farmers Market Celebration"(recipes to welcome our market back to town)
  • "PROMISE Family Cultural Concert" (Bunker Hill Week including musicians from some the many cultures in Charlestown)
  • "PROMISE Bedtime Routines and Sleep" 
  • "PROMISE Healthy Breakfasts"
  • and more...

What other initiatives does Charlestown's PROMISE have planned? In an effort to improve access to information, Charlestown's Promise has initiated two communication tools for posting articles, events, registration and activities for children and families. 

What is the Charlestown's PROMISE Children' s BOOK NOOK? Charlestown's PROMISE Children's Book Nook is a collection of donated books that children and families can borrow to read during bedtime routines, on the way to school and work or wherever they can. 

How can you donate children's books, rocking chairs, bookshelves or other materials?If you would like to donate children's books you can drop them off at these locations:

  • Kennedy Center, 55 Bunker Hill Street or 23A Moulton Street, Charlestown
  • Charlestown Nursery School, 124 Main Street, Charlestown

How can I join PROMISE? If you would like to join PROMISE or get involved to improve childhood experiences for all Charlestown children, email ktorosian@kennedycenter.orgdirectorcns@gmail.com or join our google group http://groups.google.com/group/charlestown-promise-to-families-and-children?hl=en


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