Teamsters' Parking Draws Sharp Responses

Facebook follower tells complainer to "get a life."

Charlestown Patch’s social media followers had a sharp response Monday to a link we posted to a post about motorcycles parked outside the Teamsters Local 25 building in Sullivan Square.

A user at citizens connect posted this complaint:

“Every time the Teamsters meet they park their bikes there and they are NEVER ticketed. If an ordinary citizen parked their bike there try would be towed They also park their cars in the Sullivan Circle rotary and, again, are never ticketed. Why is this allowed to happen?”

Our Facebook followers took offense to the complaint.

“It's once a month for 9 months out of the year on Sundays. People need to get lives,” said Mary Beth Emerson Lovejoy.

“This must be the YUPPIES complaining. Do we complain when they let their dogs [defecate] all over the place or when they park 3 ft. Away from the curb on narrow side streets?” added Jeff Connors.

But twitter follower Garry Waldeck clarified his complaint:

“It was when they left that was a problem. Not that they were parked illegally,” Waldeck said.

He said that the Teamsters left the gathering around noon. As he was coming around the rotary, Waldeck said, he found people getting into their cars where there is usually space for vehicles to merge.

He also noted that the group could have parked in the empty parking lot adjacent to the building.

What do you think?

Owen March 26, 2012 at 11:02 PM
Wow, Justeen. Sounds chaotic out there. Or maybe you're just buying into the fear and hyperbole being fed to you. Sad.
mudder March 26, 2012 at 11:18 PM
Truth hurts the Trust Fund Babies, they all have diaper rash. How dare a Townie ever say anything like that, and WD3 what does extortion have to do with parking at Sullivan Sq...DOAH!! I'll see you frauds up the Monument with your shorts on wool socks an Birkenstock footwear...OWEN THANK YOU FOR SAVING THE City of Boston, your self serving reply proved my point.....haaaa..here's your quote "Yeah, damn those "toonies" who helped turn this city around over the past twenty or so years. rampant crime, slums, and drug epidemics..OWEN IS YOUR ARM SORE FROM PATTING YOURSELF ON THE BACK...you conceited fraud...
Owen March 26, 2012 at 11:51 PM
Poor Mudder. He/she doesn't even know what they're ranting about. Just an angry soul lashing out at anyone and everything. What part of my reply to you was hard to understand? What part of 11 year active duty Coast Guardsman living in Charlestown (enlisted, to boot) also says "trust fund baby"? That all you got? Just blind anger at what you percieve (wrongly) to be at issue?
Owen March 26, 2012 at 11:55 PM
What's funny is that is the same attitude people had where I grew up in South Philly when more money started to come through the area. People would whine all day about the crime, gangs, and drugs. Then when people who didn't pimp, sell dope, or beat people for a living started to buy property there (thus raising property values), everyone started crying about that. People boggle my mind. Do they want a nice neighborhood or a dump?
Owen March 27, 2012 at 06:56 AM
"This is like the mother who cant keep her kid from crying because he wants a happy meal so instead of dealing with her own problem she sues Mcdonalds to stop selling happy meals..." And maybe also this is your version of what you think you might have maybe heard in the news. The reality is some mom with apparently nothing to do after she got bored with the same old Nate Berkus reruns did in fact sue McDonalds. She claimed that McDonalds used toys in Happy Meals to market directly to children. So no, apparently she didn't file a lawsuit because her brat wouldn't stop crying.


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