One Year Ago Today: Hurricane Irene in Charlestown

Some called it the “over-hyped weekend of the century.” What are your memories of the storm.


As another massive storm bears down on the American coast, the calendar marks one year to the day since Hurricane Irene brought devastation to the Northeast.

While the storm system slashed its way through Vermont and racked up $19 billion worth of damage in the U.S. (with more in Canada), its impact was somewhat less dramatic in the Boston Area.

Shortly after the storm, Charlestown Patch commentator Jack Kelly called it the ""—but that doesn't mean that Hurricane Irene didn't have its impacts.

Charlestown Patch readers uploaded photos of downed trees—at least one of which landed atop a car. You can see photos from the storm above.

Now that it's been a year since Hurricane Irene struck, do you still think the storm was over-hyped? What do you remember most from the storm?


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