Join CHAD for 4th Annual Candlelight Vigil

Families touched by substance abuse will gather together in strength in Hayes Square on Saturday, September 22 at 6:30 p.m.

The following was submitted by Susan Leahy, Communications Manager for Charlestown Against Drugs.

Families touched by substance abuse will gather together in strength in Hayes Square on Saturday, September 22 at 6:30 p.m. for the fourth annual Charlestown Candlelight Vigil. The purpose of the Vigil is to remember those who lost their battle with drugs and alcohol and to give hope to those still struggling with addiction. Shannon Lundin and Peter Looney of CHAD launched the vigil in 2009, and since Peter's passing two years ago, the vigil serves as enduring reminder of his commitment to help people with addictions.

Charlestown Against Drugs (CHAD) sponsors the event each year with the Charlestown Substance Abuse Coalition (CSAC) so that individuals and families involved with addiction or recovery understand they are part of a larger community, and that they are not alone in their struggle. The program includes musical selections, remarks by Shannon Lundin and Father James Ronan, a recovery play by the J-Walkers and a reflection of the lives affected by addiction.

For more information and to include a picture of your loved one in the vigil, please contact Shannon Lundin at smlundin@partners.org.

About Charlestown Against Drugs (CHAD)

CHAD www.charlestownagainstdrugs.org is a coalition of numerous Charlestown youth-serving organizations that has been in existence for more 20 years, first under the chairmanship of the late Peter Looney. CHAD’s programs aim to prevent or reduce substance abuse in the community through educational initiatives that teach about the dangers of substance abuse and other health risk behaviors. These programs promote healthy growth and development of youth, families, and community through drug avoidance and supporting activities that encourage teamwork, cooperation, trust, self-reliance, and self esteem.

About Charlestown Substance Abuse Coalition (CSAC)

CSAC www.csac-chad.org is a community-based coalition of residents, businesses, organizations, professionals, and advocates who work together to reduce substance abuse in Charlestown. Through a unified, collaborative approach, the coalition utilizes existing community resources, organize programs to identify needs, and harness the energy and commitment of all to provide a safe, healthy environment in Charlestown.


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