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If you repeat negative relationship patterns, have emotional wounds that never seem to heal, or old resentments that still trigger unpleasant reactions... then this class is for YOU! ANGER, sadness or repressed emotions releases high-voltage toxic chemicals inside your body, damaging organs and your ability to think creatively. This contributes to a variety of diseases: heart attack, cancer, arthritis, ulcers, migraine, and high blood pressure. Heart Forgiveness creates the "relaxation response" which naturally heals the body. This program is designed to help participants release the energy imprints of old traumas & dramas. This is NOT talk therapy. Live FREE to experience the Joy of a lighter heart! Learn the tools to: • Turn anger, fear & sadness into peace, acceptance & happiness • Stop reacting negatively and learn to live "UNOFFENDABLE!" • TRANSFORM relationships with Self & Others SHIFT happens! Guaranteed $33 per person or $50 per couple


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