Wondering Where that Food Truck Was?

A Globe story reports that 9 out of the city's 15 new food trucks were not serving on July 12, as expected.

Wondering where that food truck was in the Navy Yard? Apparently at least nine of Boston's 15 new food trucks were not at their designated locations today, according to a Boston Globe report.

City officials announced that the food trucks would be on the streets -- including the intersection of 5th and 1st in the Navy Yard -- starting July 13.

The Globe reported that nine of the vendors cited truck reapirs and licensing delays kept them from serving, as expected.

Apparently as of next week, Go Fish! will be serving the Navy Yard on the weekends. It seems unclear whether the Navy Yard will be getting a truck on the weekdays.

When Patch announced the news of a food truck coming to the Navy Yard, it prompted strong reactions -- both for and against the idea. Take a look at to see what your neighbors are saying about it, and consider weighing in.


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